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Spring 2018 National Student Writing Competition: Letters of Hope
For the 2018 spring writing competition, students will write a letter to someone they look up to, describing a future they imagine and hope for our country.
What Ben Carson Gets Wrong About Fair Housing
by Prentiss A. Dantzler
Housing policy that emphasizes “self-sufficiency" creates the illusion that where people live is solely their choice.
An Indigenous Poet on SPAM and Colonialism
by Craig Santos Perez
Our guttural love of SPAM was born in 1944, when cases of the shiny cans were berthed from aircraft carriers.
How Foodies Can Understand Capitalism and Farm-to-Table Justice
by Nancy Matsumoto
Our food system can be a place for systemic transformation through an alliance between the progressive and radical wings of the food movement.
The Economy Hasn’t Recovered for Single Women
by Melanie G. Long
Low-income single women borrowed the most in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crash. And they're still vulnerable.
6 Habits to Add More Compassion to Your Life
by Hooria Jazaieri
Contrary to what many may believe, compassion is considered to be like a muscle that, as any other, can be strengthened with relevant exercises.
Protected by a Church Nearly a Year, Colorado Woman Helps Draft a “People’s Resolution”
by Lornet Turnbull
She and three other women are working to address the specific gaps in immigration law that led each to where she is now.
Those Bikes All Over Your City Are a Good Thing. Here’s Why
by Douglas Johnson
Bike-sharing stations are often built in affluent and predominantly white urban neighborhoods. But going dockless is a game changer.
The New Lynching Memorial Will Tell the Stories of Women Victims, Too
by Evelyn M. Simien
The historical narrative of lynching has often left out women and children, but the reality was much more complex.
The Rachel Dolezal Netflix Movie: Which Side of the Divide Are You On?
by Bailey Williams
This audio story was produced by YES! Media.
The Surprising Tourist Destinations Reviving Coal Country
by Nico Gendron
From punk rock to theater to ultramarathons, Kentucky towns are diversifying their economies—and uplifting local voices.
Tourists, Beware: Trump Administration Wants Your Social Media Handles Before You Travel
by Tahmina Watson
Such scrutiny will affect people coming to the U.S. for work, for business, for tourism, or simply to visit family.
Why Misunderstanding Identity Politics Undermines Intersectionality—and Goals of a Just Society
by Yoav Litvin
A white patriarchal system should not define who ideal citizens are.
Native and European—How Do I Honor All Parts of Myself?
by Kayla DeVault
Learning about my roots has helped me understand intergenerational trauma and cultural resilience related to my genetics.
4 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Activism
by Alaina Leary
Here’s how to use different platforms to spread awareness and get other people excited about your cause.