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Fall 2017: "Standing Up for Our Neighbors" Powerful Voice Winner Alexandria Lutinski
Read Alexandria's essay, "An Unanswered Cry for Help," about living her own life after her snow globe world shatters.
Fall 2017: "Standing Up for Our Neighbors" Powerful Voice Winner Aly Terry
Read Aly's essay, "Highs and Lows," about how everyone can support people with bipolar disorder by helping them see not just the ups and downs, but all things beautiful in-between.
Fall 2017: "Standing Up for Our Neighbors" Powerful Voice Winner Logan Bailey Crews
Read Logan's essay, "Bringing a Voice Back to Life," about being pushed to the edge of the skyscraper in his head in the recent past, but focusing now on shattering the stigma of depression and mental illness at his school.
Fall 2017: "Standing Up for Our Neighbors" Literary Gems
Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz's Response to “Standing Up for Our Neighbors” Essay Winners
Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz, editorial and creative director at YES! Magazine, responds to the winners of our Fall 2017 National Student Writing Competition.
The Problem With “Silence Breakers” as TIME’s Person of the Year
by Erin Sagen
I decided to search for two words on the article’s web page: “patriarchy” or “misogyny.” Zero results.
“Politicizing Beyoncé”: The Unique College Course on Feminist Politics
by Bailey Williams
A professor has created an entire class on the star that focuses on intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. Now you can take it online.
7 Ways You Can Stand Up to Sexual Harassment
by Elizabeth Svoboda
What do you do when your colleague tells you the department head propositioned her in the hallway?
Amid Travel Ban, Refugee Women Cope With Trauma and Stress Through Drum Circles
by Ari Honarvar
How music is helping women from war-torn countries express grief and loss.
Hey, Trump: Navajo Elders Aren’t Your Political Props
by Jacqueline Keeler
This week, Trump is using Natives to target the Bears Ears National Monument. Last week, it was Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
How to Help My Daughter Face Climate Change With an Open Heart
by Chris Moore-Backman
In his new book Being the Change, climate scientist Peter Kalmus shows why, on the cusp of climate catastrophe, we are neither choiceless nor powerless.
The Elite Is Not Who You Think It Is—It Might Be You
by Darrick Hamilton, Christopher Famighetti
Forget about the 1 percent. Are you part of the top 20 percent of Americans who own 89 percent of our country’s wealth?
Hear That? It’s New Impeachment Talk as Flynn Turns on Trump
by Chris Winters
While it’s tempting to consider the end of this presidency, we should consider the long road ahead.
Pocahontas Is Not a Name That Should Offend You
by Jacqueline Keeler
She is a reminder of the indigenous women who are missing and murdered every year.
I Can’t Hate Keillor and Lauer If I Want to End the Patriarchy
by Colin Beavan
When hatred stops our ability to understand, it prevents our ability to make change.