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Borrow, Save, Share: 3 Ways Seeds Can Democratize Our Food System
by Neil Thapar
Just six companies control 63 percent of the commercial seed market. But seed libraries offer us an opportunity to reclaim the seed commons and create our own community food systems.
Baltimore After the Uprising: 3 Trends Building a Fairer, Safer, Stronger Economy
by Dorcas R. Gilmore
Because structural problems need structural solutions.
After Ferguson Uprising, Should St. Louis Spend $1 Billion on a New Football Stadium?
by Kate Aronoff
Just a year and a half after the St. Louis area became internationally known for racism, the city is considering building a billion-dollar stadium. If justice was our priority, says organizer Julia Ho, those tax dollars would be spent very differently.
Video: What Would Reparations for African-Americans Actually Look Like in a Fair Economy?
by Anand Jahi
Ta-Nehisi Coates focused national attention on the reparations debate, but the discussion has since focused largely on police violence. Organizer Ed Whitfield on what comes next.
3 Ways to Jumpstart a Community-Grounded Economy
by Anthony Giancatarino
By centering on race, seeing community members as experts, and changing policies, we can build an economy that benefits everyone.
This Maine Co-op’s Trying to Bring Fresh, Local Food to 10,000 College Students
by Jonah Fertig
For the past 10 years, University of Maine students have been fed by a giant corporate food distributor. If Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative wins the next contract, they’ll send millions of dollars to local farmers and fishermen instead.
What If We Owned the Internet Together? It’s Time to Bring the Co-op Revolution to the Web
by Nathan Schneider, Trebor Scholz
The flourishing of farmers markets and credit unions demonstrates a longing for business that serves the common good. Can it infiltrate the Amazon-dominated, Uberized Internet?
First Openly Gay Country Singer Shares Advice His Dad Gave Him as a Teen
by Liz Pleasant
The lead singer for Lavender Country, the first openly gay country band, shares the touching advice he received from his father.
Compost Your Corpse? This Woman Wants to Make It Legal
by Maureen O'Hagan
Katrina Spade, creator of the Urban Death Project, talks about human composting and why she's trying to make it legal in Washington state.
Capitalism vs. Climate: Naomi Klein’s New Film Takes Us From the Current Crisis to the World We Want
by Kate Aronoff
In "This Changes Everything," Naomi Klein lays out how industry interests are opposed to those of ordinary people—a point climate activists have had trouble communicating and been reluctant to fully embrace.
We Asked Our Favorite Illustrators What Debt Means to Them
Here's what they gave us, from comics to collage.
How Lentils Started an Underground Food Movement
by Raj Patel
Renegade farmers in Montana break from a long history of Big Ag and harmful monocrops.
A Quarter of Pakistani Girls Are Married Before They’re 18. This Film Shows What That Feels Like
by Christopher Zumski Finke
In her directorial debut, Afia Nathaniel brings the reality of Pakistan's child bride crisis to American audiences.
5 Ways Voters Stood Up to Big Money, Despite Losses
by Araz Hachadourian
From campaign finance reform to protecting small business, Tuesday's elections had a few big victories.
The Color of Food: How Gardens and Farms Can Help Us Heal From a History of Racism
by Natasha Bowens
When we work together, share meals together, and laugh together, we’re repairing relationships with the soil as a community.