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The Surprising Tourist Destinations Reviving Coal Country
by Nico Gendron
From punk rock to theater to ultramarathons, Kentucky towns are diversifying their economies—and uplifting local voices.
Tourists, Beware: Trump Administration Wants Your Social Media Handles Before You Travel
by Tahmina Watson
Such scrutiny will affect people coming to the U.S. for work, for business, for tourism, or simply to visit family.
Why Misunderstanding Identity Politics Undermines Intersectionality—and Goals of a Just Society
by Yoav Litvin
A white patriarchal system should not define who ideal citizens are.
Native and European—How Do I Honor All Parts of Myself?
by Kayla DeVault
Learning about my roots has helped me understand intergenerational trauma and cultural resilience related to my genetics.
4 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Activism
by Alaina Leary
Here’s how to use different platforms to spread awareness and get other people excited about your cause.
A Bag of Cheap Groceries Is No Substitute for Political Power
by Andy Fisher
We can’t ignore the economic system, policies, and incentives that encourage 40 percent of all food to go to waste.
How to Eat as if the Planet Mattered
by Michael Peñuelas
Consuming less, wasting less, and varying your food choices can all benefit the planet—and you.
13 Climate Justice Leaders Imagined as Comic Superheroes
by YES! Editors
“Rogue Scientists” was an inspired choice.
When Robots Take Our Jobs, Platform Cooperatives Are a Solution
by Gideon Rosenblatt
This thriving new sector is a critical step toward a fair and vibrant economic future.
“I Am Hawaiian First”
by Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu
Aloha allows us to always have a commonality, regardless of our politics or gender expression.
Native Language Schools Are Taking Back Education
by Abaki Beck
More than a century ago, the last fluent speakers of Wôpanâak passed away. Now this school is working to revive the language.
30,000 Copies and Counting: This Newspaper Helps Inmates Prepare for Life on the Outside
by Shaima Shamdeen
A former inmate’s resource guide is now helping others released from jail find their way back into society.
Let’s Talk About Mass Incarceration
Uneasy about discussing mass incarceration—and its related issues like race, poverty, and punishment—with your students? Here are some resources to get you started.
What You Learn from a Life Surrounded By Troublemaking, Kickass Women
by Lornet Turnbull
Why Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards believes that now, more than ever, women are the most important political force in America.
Why Are We So Sleep Deprived, And Why Does It Matter?
by Michael S. Jaffee
Not many things matter more to our health than a good night’s sleep, but fewer and fewer of Americans are getting one.