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International Youth: Fired Up About Climate Change
by Richard Graves
The generations who will inherit the burden of global warming want bold environmental leadership, responsible climate policies, and green jobs.
No Impact Man's Advice for Making a Difference
by Colin Beavan
Colin Beavan says he had to give up asking questions about whether he could really help or not, and whether he would do it right. He had to stop checking and instead trust his own gut.
My Clothes Dryer's Carbon Karma My Clothes Dryer's Carbon Karma
by Fran Korten
Fran cuts her dryer’s carbon footprint by two-thirds.
Bamboo Bikes
The Bamboo Bike Studio in Brooklyn, New York, teaches students to build their own bamboo bicycles in one weekend. Workshop proceeds help finance bamboo bike factories in Ghana, Kenya, and Ecuador.
Bamboo Bikes
Brooklyn's Bamboo Bikes
by Justine Simon
DIY bikes made from sustainable materials solve problems in New York and in Africa.
One Bike at a Time One Bike at a Time
YES! Associate Editor Kim Eckart strikes a blow against climate change: counting bike commuters at the break of dawn.
How to Exit Afghanistan
by Erik Leaver
An exit strategy is the best way to support Afghanistan's long-term prospects for peace and prosperity.
The Not-So-Small Climate Actions The Not-So-Small Climate Actions
by Madeline Ostrander
Climate change is really, really big. Do our small actions matter? YES! staff gets personal about climate change on our blogs.
Students Stand Up to Coal
by Nick Engelfried
College students across the country are working to eject coal from their campuses and their communities.
Things I Want to Learn ...
We asked our contributing editors: "What three things do you want to make sure you learn before you die?"
Sarah van Gelder on Climate Action
We need new strategies to wake people up to the urgency of climate change.
In Search of Care :: International Adventures in Public Health
by Michael Fox
Michael Fox has sought medical care in more than a dozen countries. One of them stands out as the most difficult place to get treatment: his native United States.
Reinvent Yourself, Reinvent the World
by Sarah van Gelder
Editor's introduction to Learn as You Go, the Fall 2009 issue of YES!
Take Back Your Education
by John Taylor Gatto
More and more people are waking up to the mismatch between what is taught in schools and what we need to know. What can you do about it?