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12 Steps: the cascading maths
by Guy Dauncey
Readers Take Action
Mothers Acting Up, Simple Living for Peace, Pledge of World Citizenship
Readers Take Action
Fred Phelps Helps Family, The Riverkeeper's Song, Educators Totally Committed, Acting Globally
Readers Take Action
Taking action on hog farms, solutions for elections, good living good food, quilts for peace
The Climate-friendly Northwest
by Patrick Mazza, K.C. Golden
Despite dire warnings, Northwest businesses, farmers, and cities are finding climate-friendly policies bring prosperity.
Finding Opportunity in Crisis
by Carla Din
Labor leaders and environmentalists team up to rebuild America’s job base and save the planet.
Making it Last
by Hunter Lovins
Hunter Lovins helped found and manage the Rocky Mountain Institute, famous for turning conventional wisdom about energy on its head. She’s still changing minds in the worlds of business, nonprofits, and government, showing a more sustainable path to prosperity.
The Page That Counts :: Summer 2003
Number of marriages that take place in the United States per day, and more...
China’s Future, the World’s Future
by William Brent
China is poised to become the world’s biggest oil importer and greenhouse gas polluter. A veteran China correspondent searches for signs that China might choose a greener path.
The Hour Before the Dawn
by David W. Orr
Ten good reasons for hope.
Can Hydrogen Save Us?
by Katharine Mieszkowski
Some say switching to hydrogen is the answer. Others have doubts. What can hydrogen do for us, and what can’t it do?
Cool Technologies
Ten of our favorite simple ways to cut oil dependence.
Bringing Biodiesel from Colorado to Colombia
by Brian Edstrom
When Andrew Azman, age 21, brought biodiesel to the University of Colorado, he didn’t imagine how far this project would take him.
Getting There on Less
by Guy Dauncey
How might we get around with less oil? Here’s a 12-step program to kick our addiction to gas guzzling.
The End of Ancient Sunlight
by Thom Hartmann
There are good reasons to move away from dependence on oil — war and climate change are among them. Then there’s the fact that oil extraction is about to peak, and we don’t have a plan for a world of diminishing oil supplies.