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Peace Corps Seed Bankers
Reality Tours in Venezuela :: Global Exchange
Jehane Noujaim :: Maker of Control Room
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker :: An Avian Diplomat
Partners in Flight. Formed in 1990, Partners is a loose collaboration stitched together by the habits of birds, which can travel from as far north as Canada to wintering grounds in places like Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and Venezuela. Extraordinary connections have formed among biologists, NGOs, and governments in these countries.
Derrick Ashong :: Sweet Mother Tour
Derrick Ashong, The 32-year-old Hip Hop musician, along with fellow members of the band Soulfège, founded the pop music and multimedia phenomenon Sweet Mother Tour, which has brought positive music, videos, and stories about Africa to 146 million viewers.
Daniel Barenboim :: A New Palestinian Citizen
World-renowned Israeli pianist Daniel Barenboim recently became the first person known to hold both Palestinian and Israeli passports.
Emira Woods :: Valentines Against Liberian Debt
On Valentine’s Day 2007, 10,000 cards flooded the U.S. Treasury Department offices, each bearing the phrase, “Have a heart—drop Liberia’s debt.”
Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country
by Edward Tick
Breaking the cycle of war making: our country will not find peace until we take responsibility for our wars.
Life in Liberia :: Photo Essay :: 3
by Christopher Herwig
Life in Liberia :: Photo Essay :: 9
by Christopher Herwig
Life in Liberia :: Photo Essay :: 1
by Christopher Herwig
Christopher Herwig's lense on Liberia.
Life in Liberia :: Photo Essay :: 19
by Christopher Herwig
Life in Liberia :: Photo Essay :: 17
by Christopher Herwig
Life in Liberia :: Photo Essay :: 16
by Christopher Herwig