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People Taking Charge :1: Hip Hop: “Voice of the Voiceless”
Hip Hop is right at home being the voice of the voiceless. It takes a "we don't need permission" attitude. Includes video of Rebel Diaz and music from Foundation Movement.
Conversation Café :: Guidelines
by Vicki Robin
The conversation café agreements are guidelines for participating with others in group settings so there’s freedom for all, not a free-for-all.
People We Love :: César López
Colombian classical musician César López is the founder of the Battalion of Immediate Artistic Reaction, a group of Colombian musicians and activists who are committed to making peace through music.
Readers Forum :: Corporations Comments
No Comment
Philanthropy, good intentions and a kind heart will always put you in tyranny’s stew pot.
YES! But How? :: Organic Milk
by Catherine Bailey, Margit Christenson
Practical tips on how to eat local in the winter, increase your fridge's efficiency, bike in the cold, and find organic milk.
From the Publisher :: You Can't Outsource a Relationship
by Fran Korten
All about the YES! experience with outsourcing and creating quality service for our readers.
The Page That Counts :: Winter 2008
by Margit Christenson
Percentage of American 13- to 24-year-olds stating that time with family is the one thing that makes them the happiest: ...
Commentary: New Flow in the Global Plumbing
by Jonathan Rowe
There’s an effort underway to turn remittance payments from global workers into the foundation of a new grassroots development fund that bypasses the World Bank and IMF with their built-in agendas.
Signs of Life
Signs of Life: Small Stories about Big Change. Our Winter 2008 indicators of a more positive future.
The YES! Staff, Interns and Volunteers that helped put together the Winter 2008 issue of YES! Magazine.
Readers Forum
Readers' Forum from Liberate Your Space, issue 44 of YES! Magazine. Topics include New Economic Paradigms, the Right to Clean Water, Zucchini Wars, Natural Gas Pipelines, and Carbon Trading.
People Taking Charge
Seven inspiring examples of ways to be free right now: farming a city roof, creating a peace village, defying the law by feeding the hungry in a city park…
DIY Liberation: About the Cover
by Banksy
Our Winter 2008 cover is based on graffiti artist Banksy's famous Balloon Girl.
DIY Liberation: Discussion Guide
by Margit Christenson, Brooke Jarvis
This issue of YES! introduces us to people who are done waiting for a leader to come along; who are recognizing their own power to liberate the spaces where they live, work, learn, and create.