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The Sound of Bombs Not Exploding
by Joanna Macy
Peace Samadhi Day, March 15, 2002, was perhaps the largest meditation for peace in the history of the world.
Bridging Balkan Rapids
by Sonja Kuftinec
Of all the things a war-ravaged country needs, theater isn’t high on many lists. But in a Bosnian town, theater is re-forging links, re-membering a dismembered community, and helping youth play again.
New Staff at PFN
by Fran Korten
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, Fran Korten's column, New Staff
Going Forward Full Circle
by Connie Kim
The Full Circle Canoe Project was started in October 2001 to restore the lost craft of hand carving sea-worthy canoes.
A Wake Up Call
by Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne
In thinking of various ways of empowering our people, we think of social empowerment, economic empowerment, and technological empowerment. But we begin with spiritual empowerment. Today the Sarvodaya movement is education plus development plus nonviolent transformation of society.
Art and Community Discussion Guide
Where does art fit in your life? Is it something you visit in a museum? Something you buy in a music store? Is art a mere luxury? Or can art change lives and communities, making life more livable by the act of creation?
Warm, Dry, And Noble
by Andrea Dean
Samuel Mockbee founded Rural Studio, creating simple but inventive structures made of inexpensive, mostly salvaged or donated materials.
Dancing In Praise Of
by Linda Frye Burnham
In 1998, the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange began the Hallelujah initiative, creating new performance works with 15 communities all across the US. The initiative is intended to “celebrate edge-of-the-millennium America in all of its vividness, beauty, strength and quirkiness.”
Another World Is Possible
by Walden Bello
Porto Alegre, site of the World Social Forum (WSF) last year and again this year, has become the byword for the spirit of the burgeoning movement against corporate-driven globalization.
YES! But How? :: Safe Carpet, Catching Mice
Practical ideas for saving the earth.
Art To the People
by Carolyn McConnell
Creating murals and art spaces. Performing dance and theater. Celebrating the natural world. These stories tell of ordinary people who are finding their voices, restoring communities, and transforming lives.
Interview With Rep. Dennis Kucinich
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
Since winning election to Congress in 1996, US Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) has proposed such radical ideas as a Department of Peace, universal health care, and action on climate change. His speech, “Prayer for America,” got one standing ovation after another at an Americans for Democratic Action event in Los Angeles.
The Time of Your Life
by Martin Keogh
With leaps, bounds, and stillness, dancers make peace with time.
Who's Afraid of Music
by Carol Estes
Music can tell truths that otherwise go unheard, inspiring action, and sustaining resistance.
Speak Out Anyway
by Fran Korten
Danny Glover speaks out against the death penalty and starts an uproar, where he is discriminated against.