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Letter from the Editor
by Sarah van Gelder
What sets apart those who are making a difference is their clarity and courage. Even in a time when fear rules our lives and radically changes our society, these people don’t lose sight of another way.
Reclamando a America - Reclaiming America
by Roberto Vargas, Rafael Jesús González
Desde la guerra de Vietnam no he aceptado "Americano" como mi identidad. Aunque soy psicólogo, facilitador de reuniones y guía de ceremonia chicano quien ha prestado asistencia en solunción comunitaria de problemas y planificación estratégica por Norte America y en el extranjero, nunca he sentido que los Estados Unidos fuera mi comunidad, y nunca del todo ofrecí mis servicios, mi sabiduría y energía a "America."
New Media, New Partners
One Easy Solution for Democracy
by Fran Korten
One Easy Solution for Democracy - In this nail-biter of an election, the third-party “spoiler” effect could be devastating. But there’s a simple solution: Instant Runoff Voting
Questions for Reflection: The Lake and the 'Hood
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Questions for Students: Going Forward Full Circle
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Questions for Reflection: Reclaiming America
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Questions for Students: When Youth Lead
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Questions for students: Seeds of Justice, Seeds of Hope
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Book Review - In Praise of Slowness: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed
by Ellie Winninghoff
This book by Carl Honore explores our infatuation with speed, and speed's impact on community, relationships,fear, and more.
by Gene Knudsen Hoffman
A book about re-establishing relationships among those in conflict as a form of reconciliation.
In Review :: After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order
by David Korten
Is the American empire waning? David Korten reviews a book by French demographer Emmanuel Todd.
Campaigning for Time
by John de Graaf
"Take Back Your Time" movement and a free-time agenda.
Authority to Postpone Vote Considered
by Carolyn McConnell
Bush administration officials were examining a proposal that would allow elections to be postponed or cancelled in the event of a terrorist attack.
Court Rejects Media Deregulation
by Jonathan Lawson
A win for media diversity.