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Tribes Find Power In Wind
by Winona LaDuke
Intertribal Council on Utility Policy, COUP, first wind generator dedicated on Rosebud Reservation, clean energy windshed. sustainable homeland economic development. summer 2003.
Iraqi Americans Face FBI Inquiries
by Pramila Jayapal
U.S. Justice Department and FBI interview immigrants.
Citizen Weapons Inspectors Convicted
by Jeremy Eckert
Citizen Weapons Inspectors Convicted by Jeremy Eckert; 3 nuns face life prison sentences, for Minuteman disarming in Colorado.
High Tech Jobs Emigrate
by David Beckman
U.S. employers move 3.3 million white-collar jobs overseas. IT jobs move offshore.
Government Information Clamp-down Resisted
by David Smith
Government Information Clamp-Down Resisted by David Smith
IMF Admits Its Failings
by Carolyn McConnell
IMF Admits Its Failings by Carolyn McConnell
Dismantling the Fortresses of Fear
by Jeff Halper
Rachel Corrie. A story about Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.
by Susan Griffin
A poet and activist finds a place of beauty- while being arrested after speaking at Code Pink for Peace rally.
A Circle of Trust
by Charles Gray
mutual security fund; self-insurance; community building.
Finding Courage Discussion Guide
Is nonviolence a universal requirement or merely a sometimes-useful strategy? Nelson Mandela, for example, during the struggle against apartheid, rejected demands that the African National Congress renounce violence as a strategy. Is nonviolence always required or are there times when violence is necessary? Have you seen nonviolent action work? What made it succeed? Have you seen it fail? In what way and why? Faced with an invasion and oppression of your community, what would you do to resist it?
Lysistrata Project
by Kathryn Blume, Sharon Bower
1,029 performances of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata staged on March 3 in protest of Bush's war on Iraq --
YES! But How? :: Sustainble Wedding Rings
by Megan Tady, Jeremy Eckert
Tips on sustainable wedding rings, ecological dishwasher detergent, grout stains and batteries. If you're searching for practical ways to live sustainably, just ask us.
Eight Steps To Teach Kids Peace
by The Alliance for Childhood
8 practical steps to teaching peace in your community.
A Conspiracy of Hope
by Zahara Heckscher
Many thought the global movement against unfair trade started in Seattle 1999. But going back over 200 years, people have reached across borders to end the slave trade, shame a brutal colonial regime, and bring respite to laborers of the industrial revolution.
Wild Abundant America
by Subhankar Banerjee
Wild, Abundant America by Subhankar Banerjee. ANWR