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Discussion Guide: Working for Life
Discussion Guide for Working for Life, Right Livelihood, YES is a leading-edge quarterly journal magazine published by the nonprofit Positive Futures Network concerned with building a more just, sustainable, and compassionate future
Worker Owned and Local Businesses
by Dan Swinney
Downsized? Stuck in a cubicle? Here is how some people are creating a livelihood and also building the foundations of a life-sustaining economy.
Martin Luther King's Movement-Building Legacy
by Grace Lee Boggs
The struggle goes far beyond race and rights. We are in the early stages of a new democratic revolutionary movement.
Why Work?
by Bob Black
Bob Black, Why Work? Examines the stultifying impact of work and jobs and advocates the abolition of most production and the tranformation of work to play.
The Year of Global Protest - "We withdraw our consent!"
by Walden Bello
The Year of Global Protest: "We withdraw our consent!" by Walden Bello. Reviews anti-globalization protests and activism following the Seattle WTO demonstrations and considers the process of deligitimization of the institutions of global capitalism.
Dear Doug & Annie :: Follow-ups on Diesel Trucks
by Annie Berthold-Bond, Doug Pibel
Truck vs trailer, Bio-diesel vs petroleum, Alternatives to Bleach, No Mothballs, Bath Oil and Plant Cuttings
Letter from the Editor
by Sarah van Gelder
What if instead of pointing fingers, we did some soul searching about how to include in our democratic debates issues that are central to so many people but left out by both parties?
The Page That Counts :: Winter 2001
Decrease in the average working vocabulary of a 14-year-old over the last 50 years, and more...
Book Review - Against All Odds by John Rensenbrink
by Patrick Mazza
Book Review - Against All Odds by John Rensenbrink
Book Review - Derailing Democracy: the America the media doesn't want you to see
by Matt Struckmeyer
Book Review - Derailing Democracy: the America the media doesn't want you to see by Dan McGowan
Review - Bobos in Paradise by David Brooks
by Russell Mokhiber
Russel Mokhiber reviews Bobos in Paradise: the Upper Class and How They Got There
The Nexxt Revolutionaries
by Shannon Service
the nexxt revolutionaries, by Shannon Service. Stories of youth activists and their campaigns for the earth, for justice, and against globalization.
Veterans of Hope: Ruby Sales
by Ruby Sales
In this Veterans of Hope interview, Ruby Sales tells of her release from prison in Haneyville, Alabama, where she and Jonathan Daniels, a white seminarian, had been registering people to vote.
Bernice Johnson Reagon, Veteran of Hope
by Bernice Johnson Reagon
Freedon's Sacred Dance by Rosemarie Freeney Harding and Vincent Harding, veterans of hope, Bernice Johnson Reagon. The founder of the well-known acappella group, "Sweet Honey in the Rock," tells of finding her voice, in this Veterans of Hope interview.
A Culture Gets Creative
by Sarah van Gelder, Paul Ray
Cultural Creatives, by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson, interview by Sarah van Gelder. Market research and opinion polling by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson uncover what they call the Cultural Creatives, people committed to a common set of earth-centered values.