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Nueva Orleáns: Donde la FEMA No Se Atrevió a Pisar
by Tim Shorrock
La clínica de Common Ground en Nueva Orleans trascende como un centro de salud después del huracán.
Principios de Soluciones Reales
by Sarah van Gelder
Cinco principios básicos para un sistema de salud que funciona para todas y todos.
Cartoon Caption Competition
Readers offer captions for the latest YES! cartoon, Fall 2006.
Local Energy, Local Power
by Winona LaDuke
Energy for Democracy - wind on the Great Plains could power the country. Tribes are working to bring energy production home.
Abraham to Descendants: “Knock it Off”
by Sarah van Gelder
The Interfaith Amigos: A rabbi, a minister, and an imam, brought together by 9/11 and what followed, discover new spiritual depths from their dialogue and friendship.
Green-Collar Jobs for Urban America
by Van Jones, Ben Wyskida
Oakland discovers that green-collar jobs can revitalize its economy and sets out on the path to becoming a 'global green city.'
Una Mejor Salud a Través de una Riqueza Más Justa
by Brydie Ragan
La investigación actual afirma que un status económico más bajo puede producir mayor daño a la salud que los hábitos personales riesgosos...
Un Movimiento Creciente
by Linda Walling
La atención médica universal ha regresado. Al nivel estatal y local, estamos creando el sistema que queremos.
Creating Real Prosperity
by Frances Moore Lappe
Poor people are themselves creating the real job growth in much of the Global South through microcredit institutions and people's movements.
¿Canadá Tiene la Cura?
by Holly Dressel
Los canadienses son ahora más saludables y viven más tiempo que los norteamericanos. ¿Qué sucedió?
Atención Sanitaria: Es lo que Nos Enferma
by Doug Pibel, Sarah van Gelder
Los norteamericanos gastan más, obtienen menos, y no tienen seguridad de recibir asistencia médica. La solución no es tán difícil.
Independence from the Corporate Global Economy
by Ethan Miller
Our current economy is failing us, but there are alternatives. The roots of small-scale, local economies are in place. We can make them grow.
Discussion Guide - Health Care for All
by Doug Pibel
Discussion questions like "If you had to pick just one, which word would you choose to describe our health care system?" or "What experiences with the health care system have you had, or have friends or colleagues had, that influence your views?"
About My High School
by Sharla Berry
High school is a microcosm of the human family, how does it mix and not mix.
Caffeinated Community Comeback: Small Ohio Town Discovers Power of Networking
by Frances Moore Lappe
A story of community redevelopment from the bottom up. Starting with a coffee shop, and adding artisans, classes, and the power of networking. June Holley now helps communities around the globe form Smart Networks by training and supporting Network Weavers. Appalachian Center for Economic Networks.