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High Schoolers Bring Their Love of Culinary Arts to Feed Local Homeless
by Deonna Anderson
It wasn’t enough for a group of students to provide free meals. They’re looking to tackle systemic problems.
To Native Culture, the Salmon Decision Means More Than a Treaty Rights Win
by Rosalyn R. LaPier
How indigenous food is tied to important sacred stories.
Senate’s Farm Bill Moves Forward—But What Is It, Anyway?
by Shannan Lenke Stoll
From food assistance for the poor to subsidies for a corporate food system, the nation’s next farm bill is taking shape.
Farming as Resistance
by Trina Moyles
Threatened by a mining company, indigenous women in the remote highlands of Guatemala are marching, increasing productivity, and planting trees.
Scholastic Under Fire for Children’s Book Portrayal of Trump
by Lornet Turnbull
Parents and teachers aren’t angry over what the new book says about the president, but rather what it leaves out.
Real Gender Equality Includes Femininity (and the Color Pink)
by Anne Thériault
As feminist parents, we tell ourselves we’re trying to break down the gender binary. But what’s wrong with skirts and baby dolls?
Depression and the Healing Desert
by Jana Richman
Nature offers solace for a man living with depression—and a lesson in acceptance for his anxious partner.
Why Jefferson’s Vision of Islam in America Matters Today
by Denise A. Spellberg
The author of the Declaration of Independence had sought to protect not just Christians, but Americans of all faiths.
Despite Prosecutor’s Attempts to Stop Her, Georgia Woman Keeps Registering Voters
by Adam Lynch
Jim Crow endures in Georgia as voter suppression efforts persist across the state. But get-out-the-vote activists are undaunted.
Just One State Stands Between Women’s Rights and the Constitution
by Tina Rodia
Movements such as #MeToo and #SheShouldRun have re-energized the Equal Rights Amendment.
Supreme Court Affirms Native American Treaty Rights to Harvest Salmon
by Terri Hansen
The decision upholds 19th century promises and should increase the number of fish for everyone.
It’s Young Black Women’s Turn in Michigan
by J. Gabriel Ware
At 23, Myya Jones is running for state representative. She’s at the forefront of a wave of Black women running for office.
California’s Low Turnout Suggests Voters Need a Better Reason to Show Up
by Chris Winters
Still, there are signs of progress that could lead to increased turnout come November, including 1,800 women running for federal and state offices.
Why Mister Rogers’ Message of Love Is Good for Your Health
by Richard Gunderman
Evidence has mounted that he was on to something—people who express love and kindness really do regularly lead healthier lives.
How to Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds
by Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz
Heirlooms are irresistible, not just because they’re delicious, but because growing them defies capitalism.