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5 Steps to Turn Your Business Into a Worker-owned Co-op
by Cat Johnson
Learn how to turn any business into a worker-owned cooperative with this checklist.
Video: People of All Ages Tell Their Slightly Younger Selves How to Age Gracefully
by Liz Pleasant
“Nobody knows what the hell they’re doing,” and other tips from people older than you.
Do Interest-Free Loans Make Sense? No, But They Do Make a Difference
by Marcus Harrison Green
Neighbors are helping crowdfund the dreams of local entrepreneurs, giving community businesses the chance to expand with interest-free loans.
We Have a Massive Student Loan Forgiveness Program—Why Is It So Complex?
by Ava Kofman
Dispatches From the Edge of Change: Why Montana’s Fossil-Fuel Resistance Gives Me Hope
by Sarah van Gelder
Meet the ranchers, grandmothers, professors, and tribes who are bringing back grizzlies, blocking oil equipment deliveries, getting arrested—and having a great time doing it.
6 Ways You Just Got More Power Over Your Credit Score
by James Trimarco
A complex, for-profit system is behind these three-digit scores that affect your ability to borrow, rent, and work. Here's how regulators are putting credit score companies on notice.
Inside the Texas Megachurch Where 90 Percent of Worshipers Are LGBT
by Jasmine Aguilera
There are hundreds of LGBT-friendly churches around the country—and many are in conservative cities where you'd least expect them.
California Settlement May Release 2,000 Prisoners From Solitary Confinement
by Victoria Law
For one man, the class-action settlement means being around other people for the first time in 25 years.
Why Breast Milk Is the Ultimate Food Story (And Other News)
by YES! Staff
New Orleans sees a wave of grassroots activism after Katrina, D.C. stops a major utility merger, and a food writer lays out the superpowers of breast milk.
Online Design Intern
Seeking to jump-start your career in online design with an internship heavy on research, training, writing, and fun? This may be the place for you. Application deadline is May 13, 2016, for internships starting in early July 2016.
Online Reporting Intern
Seeking to jump-start your career in progressive journalism with an internship heavy on research, training, writing, and fun? This may be the place for you. Application deadline is November 13 for an internship starting in early January 2016.
This Trailer Changes Everything: Epic New Naomi Klein Doc Will Have You Running for Your Kayak
by Araz Hachadourian
The film inspired by Klein's book features the stories of everyday people standing up to climate change.
New Movie Finds “No Escape” From Controversy. Here's What the Filmmakers Have to Say About It.
by Christopher Zumski Finke
I interviewed the filmmakers of "No Escape" to see if they think their movie is racist. Spoiler alert: They don't.
Infographic: A History of Debt Forgiveness and Relief
by Lindsey Weedston, Jennifer Luxton
As long as there has been lending, there have been times when the people’s debt becomes a crisis. Here’s a look at the policy solutions governments have been using, starting in ancient Sumer.
Video: How People With Disabilities Helped Shape New Orleans’ Disaster Policy
by Liz Pleasant
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans disability activists talk about the city’s lack of accessible disaster plans and what they’ve done to change it.