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7 Not-So-Subtle Messages Congress Is Sending With Its Tax Plans
by Mark Trahant
The two tax bills define what’s important to a society. Or more to the point, who’s not important.
Why Thanksgiving Is the Perfect Time to Give Up Meat
by Peter Kalmus
I learned that there’s no better way to cultivate gratitude than through food.
How Vilifying Teen Girls Has Protected Powerful Men
by Mike Males
In recent years, increasing the power and independence of young women has brought dramatic decreases in pregnancies and sexual abuses.
Shop Here, Not There: Science Says Reducing Inequality Is Almost That Simple
by Chris Winters
New research shows that shuttling even 5 percent of consumer transactions to poorer neighborhoods can reduce income inequality by up to 80 percent.
The “Redneck Revolt” Is Showing Up at Gun Shows and KKK Rallies to End White Supremacy
by Zenobia Jeffries
This rural White organization put out a call for working-class Whites to “reject the idea of whiteness.”
Your Uncle Said What? How to Talk About Social Justice With Your Family During the Holidays
by Wyatt Massey
Finding connection and engaging face to face is important social change work—especially during holiday gatherings.
If You’re Planning for Your Death, You Have More Options Than Ever Before
by Tanya D. Marsh
Americans are pushing the boundaries of how to memorialize their loved ones and dispose of their remains.
Would You Put a Tiny House for a Homeless Person in Your Backyard?
by Valerie Schloredt
Because two Seattle homeowners were willing to make space, a 75-year-old man who’s been homeless for years now has a house and a community.
For Black Women Across the U.S., a 30-Minute Walk Builds Better Health—and Sisterhood
by A. Rochaun Meadows
“I can lace up my sneakers, walk out my front door, and change my entire body.”
The Navajo Nation Launches $20 Million Fund to Help Its Entrepreneurs
by Marisa Demarco
Small businesses could help the struggling Navajo economy deal with the ups and downs of the fossil fuel industry.
Capitalism Is Not the Only Choice
by Penn Loh
We have opportunities every day to build economies that lift each other up and spread joy.
The Man Leading the Charge for Trump’s Impeachment
by Fran Korten
Constitutional law expert John Bonifaz is fresh from a victory in Florida to get big money out of local elections. Now he’s working to oust the president from the White House.
Reproductive Freedom Depends on Where You Live. How Does Your City Rank?
by Lornet Turnbull
Cities are playing a crucial role in protecting reproductive rights as federal and state governments grow more restrictive.
This November, Try Something New: Decolonize Your Mind
by Mary Annette Pember
I tend to lie low during Native American History Month and dodge the Moon of Explaining Indians to White People. But not this year.
Americans Are Stressed About the Future. Here’s Why That’s Promising
by Sarah van Gelder
The era of empire, white supremacy, dirty energy, and global capitalism is coming to a close.