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Fall 2016: "Why Bother to Vote?" University Winner Ben Marcus
Read Ben's essay, "The Voting Superhero," about how we may not be able to fly or have an arsenal of high-tech crime-fighting tools, but we do have the power to vote.
Fall 2016: "Why Bother to Vote?" Powerful Voice Winner Tyler Kim
Read Tyler's essay, "With Great Asians Comes Great Responsibility," about how some of the same people who urge us to vote are the same people who neglect what should be their real responsibility—caring about people on the margins.
Fall 2016: "Why Bother To Vote?" Powerful Voice Winner Norbu Sonam
Read Norbu's essay, "A Voice for the Voiceless," about how his father's treacherous escape from Tibet to America in 1949 shaped his appreciation for the rights—like voting— that Americans have today.
Fall 2016: "Why Bother to Vote?" Literary Gems
We received many outstanding essays for the Fall 2016 Writing Competition. Though not every participant can win the contest, we'd like to share some excerpts that caught our eye.
Yessenia Funes' Response to "Why Bother to Vote?" Essay Winners
Yessenia Funes responds to the winners of our Fall 2016 National Student Writing Competition.
7 Ways to Make an Even Bigger Impact When You Divest From DAPL
by Colby Devitt
Closing your bank account is just the beginning.
Is Your Bank Funding DAPL? Here’s How to Find One That Isn’t
by Gerald Mitchell
There’s an entire industry of ethically minded banks and financial institutions out there to choose from.
In Stripping Away Our Hope, Maybe Trump Has Done Us a Favor
by David Korten
The outcome of this election is a wake-up call to action. Now that we know our elected leaders will not save us, let’s get to work.
“My Whole Heart Is With You Tonight”: A Letter to the Dakota Access Front Line
by Kelly Hayes
We have survived this nation-state’s will for us because we are a fire that their water cannons cannot extinguish.
How Did I End Up a Dangerous Professor on a Watch List?
by Robert Jensen
This bullying attempt from a conservative group may easily inhibit professors across the country.
How Northwest Tribes Joined Forces to Beat Fossil Fuel Initiatives
by Terri Hansen
Their victories have been inspiring to members of the Standing Rock Sioux in the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline.
The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock
by Sarah van Gelder
Even if you can’t show up at the wintry encampments, you can join water protectors in other ways: from calling the North Dakota governor to breaking up with your bank.
Why the “Rule of Law” Is a Powerful Idea for Standing Rock
by Mark Trahant
Although the governor cites the rule of law in his eviction order, the Sioux have this: the Constitution’s Article 6, declaring “treaties as the Supreme Law of the Land.”
Introducing Our Next Executive Director
by Fran Korten
After an exhaustive five-month search, we've found a new executive director for YES! Magazine.
The Importance of Meditating Even When You’re Happy
by Richard J. Davidson
Think of it as preventative medicine for the likely event of stress.