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Blacksmiths Turn Unwanted Guns Into Garden Tools
by Julia Travers
Shotguns often become hand spades, and a weapon like the AR-15 that was used in recent mass shootings has a thicker barrel that suits an afterlife as a mattock.
Montana Center Destroys Unwanted Guns—Trying to Make a Dent in 300 Million
by Gabriel Furshong
Most of the center’s clients have been middle-aged people who inherit guns and don’t want them ending up in the wrong hands.
Ever Wonder How Rainfall Affects Your Peanut Butter Sandwich Habit?
by Angela Fichter
Climate change will impact agriculture and food supplies. That’s why this digital classroom is teaching food literacy.
Forget FEMA Trailers: Here’s How to House People in a Hurry
by Daniel Tyx
“We don’t need to wait for a hurricane to hit. We can get started with the recovery right now.”
Infographic: Why Normal People Can’t Afford a House
by Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz, Chris Winters
The U.S. is better at subsidizing wealthy people than low-income people.
Guns & America: New Public Radio Project Wants You to Better Understand All Sides
by Alice Skipton
A new program will take listeners beyond the politics of the current gun debate to explore Americans’ relationships with weapons.
The Surprisingly Long History of Racial Oppression in Coffee Shops
by Tasha Williams
Centuries before two Black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks, capitalists met at coffee shops to profit from the transatlantic slave trade.
30,000 Copies and Counting: This Newspaper Helps Inmates Prepare for Life on the Outside
by Bailey Williams
Why Fast Fashion Needs to Slow Down
by Kaya Dorey
The no-waste economy must be applied to fashion, just as it is in the food industry.
What Fossil Fuels and Factory Farms Have in Common
by Wenonah Hauter
Hint: They’re both issues of environmental injustice.
Poem: A Make-Believe Nation
by Craig Santos Perez
How can living in paradise be so hard?
A New Generation Lives a Different American Dream—And They’re Happy
by A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez
Millennials, sometimes referred to as “generation rent,” are having to get creative and find alternative housing options.
Barbara Ehrenreich: Why I’m Giving Up on Preventive Care
by Barbara Ehrenreich
How contemporary American medicine is testing us to death.
The Lost Indigenous Housing Designs
by Kayla DeVault
Developed over thousands of years, traditional architecture can also build climate resiliency.
The President’s Pardon of a Black Man Wasn’t About Justice
by Chris Winters
Trump’s other notable pardon was a racist sheriff. So what’s the deal?