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The Food Project
by John Wang
The Food Project brings teens into farming, and they love it.
No arreglen Wall Street, reemplácenla
by David Korten
¿Por qué no una economía de riqueza verdadera?
La ciudad que terminó con el hambre
by Frances Moore Lappe
Una ciudad de Brasil reclutó agricultores locales para ayudar a hacer algo que las ciudades de EE.UU. todavía tienen que hacer: acabar con el hambre.
Productos frescos desde… la ciudad
by Mark Winne
Ciudadanos y autoridades locales se unen para obtener alimentos frescos para escuelas y vecindarios.
Cultivando energía en un desierto alimentario urbano
by Roger Bybee
Will Allen está llevando a la agricultura y a los alimentos frescos nuevamente a los vecindarios de la ciudad.
Visual Learning: Tapped Out
by Jing Fong
This Visual Learning Lesson will get your students thinking about the pros and cons of bottled water.
Connect and Engage: Food Stamps and Seafood
by Jing Fong
What would you eat for only $3 each day? What’s the difference between freshwater and farm raised fish? You and your students will take your eating awareness to another level with these two resources. Your new knowledge will make you think before you buy.
Reconnecting Schools to Real Food
by Chef Tom French
Chef Tom, director of the Experience Food Project, has a broad vision of a new school food system that serves healthy local food, and builds bridges between the classroom and the kitchen. Here is Chef Tom’s story.
YES! Recommends: Sustainable Table
by Jing Fong
The multi-media resources from Sustainable Table are designed to awaken consumers to the problems with factory farming and to promote sustainable food as a desirable and more responsible alternative.
A Plea To President Obama: Don't Bankrupt America
by Sarah van Gelder
President Obama's massive giveaway to Wall Street threatens to bankrupt the federal government and undermine the agenda that got him elected. Here are some first steps needed to change course.
Sarah van Gelder on GRITtv
by Sarah van Gelder, Laura Flanders
YES! Magazine's executive editor and co-founder Sarah van Gelder on why we need news and also solutions.
Slow Housing Cartoon
"Solving the housing crisis is moving pretty slow, huh, Earl." Caption submitted by Alan Stuart.
Revive Lincoln’s Monetary Policy: an Open Letter to President Obama
by Ellen Brown
President Obama, the fate of our economy and the nation itself may depend on how well you understand Lincoln’s monetary breakthrough, the most far-reaching “economic stimulus plan” ever implemented by a U.S. President…
A Plea to President Obama: Don't Bankrupt America A Plea to President Obama: Don't Bankrupt America
by Sarah van Gelder
We need you to stand up to the Wall Street insiders in your own administration who might understand what boosts the profits of banks, but not what helps our economy.
President Obama Calls for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
by David Krieger
President Obama’s speech in Prague was a world-changing moment, a promise of unprecedented historical change on the most profoundly dangerous issue confronting not only America but the world.