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Hamster Cartoon
Here are the best of the summer 2009 YES! cartoon caption submissions.
Learn as You Go
Lea artículos adicionales en inglés de la edición "Una educación para toda la vida".
Tribal Journeys 2009
by Brooke
We Are All Responsible for Making Health Care a Right
by David Scheiner
Uninvited from a White House forum, President Obama's former doctor says it's time to give single-payer health care a fair hearing.
Registering for Peace
by Tobin Jacobrown
To register as a conscientious objector, Toby Jacobrown had to sue the federal government.
What We Need Is Each Other
by John McKnight
No matter how hard they try, our very best institutions cannot do many things that only we can do.
Taxing Wealth for the Common Good
by Chuck Collins
Why some high-income Americans are asking to pay more taxes.
Power Shift Sydney
Street performance from Power Shift Sydney 2009
Navajo Nation Council Votes For Green Jobs
The first green jobs bill from America's First Nations promises much needed, culturally appropriate jobs.
Happy Birthday, Medicare
by Brooke Jarvis
On Medicare’s 44th birthday, we should be learning from its example. Instead, we’re trapped in the same cycle that almost destroyed it.
How California Could Turn its IOUs Into Dollars
by Ellen Brown
If California were to deposit its money in its own state-owned bank, it could have enough credit to solve its budget crisis with funds to spare.
Mali's Gift Economy
by Beverly Bell
In Mali, one of the most cash poor nations in the world, "dama" or the gift economy is thriving.
Protecting What We Love: Judy Wicks
Interview with local living economies advocate Judy Wicks.
The YES! Staff, Interns and Volunteers that helped put together the Summer 2009 issue of YES! Magazine: "The New Economy."
Direct Action Training Camp
by Logan Price