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31 Ways to Jump Start the Local Economy
by Sarah van Gelder
Build a secure, sustainable economy at home and in your community.
Just the Facts :: Why we can’t go back to the old economy
by Kim Eckart, Doug Pibel, Laura Kaliebe
We’re manufacturing money, not goods.
Quote :: Rev Billy
by Reverend Billy
“We are getting to know each other again. This is the stuff of our new economy. It will grow and we won’t let it go this time.” Rev. Billy.
YES! Online
Web exclusive videos, photo essays, music & more for the summer 2009.
The Page That Counts :: Summer 2009
by Mary Richter
Approximate number of languages spoken in the world: 6,000 :: Number of these that are indigenous languages: 5,000 :: Number of languages that go extinct every year: 26
Excerpt: Soil Not Oil
by Vandana Shiva
Why we need to kick petroleum out of our farms.
In Review :: YES! Film Picks - The Singing Revolution / Flow
Reviews of our favorite films for the summer '09.
Theme Guide :: The New Economy
This downturn marks the end of an unsustainable economy. Rather than trying to reinflate the old bubble economy, these activists, visionaries, and upstarts are trying something new: an economy that puts people first and works within the carrying capacity of Mother Earth.
La nueva economía empieza aquí
by David Korten, Traducción por Guillermo Wendorff
Ya fuese la divina providencia o tan sólo la buena suerte, deberíamos agradecer que el colapso financiero nos haya golpeado antes de lo peor del calentamiento global y el pico en la producción de petróleo.
Cleveland Recupera con sus Cooperativas
by Gar Alperovitz, Ted Howard, y Steve Dubb, Traduccion por Guillermo Wendorff.
Cleveland descubre el poder económico de las “instituciones ancla”─universidades y hospitales, en este caso─que han tenido un compromiso a largo plazo con la ciudad. La estrategia Evergreen desarrolla empresas locales de propiedad obrera que puedan ofrecer servicios continuos a estas instituciones ancla.
Trabajos verdes y justos que puedes poseer
by James Trimarco y Jill Bamburg, Traducción por Guillermo Wendorff
Los tiempos difíciles requieren de estrategias creativas. Una y otra vez, durante los períodos de dificultades económicas y fracasos del mercado, han surgido empresas de propiedad cooperativa como una respuesta democrática y popular.
Dólares con buen sentido
by Judith D. Schwartz
Las monedas locales valoran el tiempo, construyen comunidad y mantienen los negocios en movimiento aún cuando el crédito se agota.
In Review :: YES! Music Picks - David Francey, Delcoa, Dark Was The Night
Musical inspiration while putting out the Summer 2009 issue.
Jars Cartoon
"Inside the Smithsonian's Archives of Poor Choices, 1980's-2009" Caption submitted by Alane Cameron Miles
Flow :: Interview with the Director
Director Irena Salina on why more people in the West are becoming aware of the human and environmental impact of water scarcity, how reservoir privatization affects common people, and what the role of world government should be in resolving the problem before it's too late.