Most Recent from YES! Magazine

by Gene Knudsen Hoffman
A book about re-establishing relationships among those in conflict as a form of reconciliation.
In Review :: After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order
by David Korten
Is the American empire waning? David Korten reviews a book by French demographer Emmanuel Todd.
Campaigning for Time
by John de Graaf
"Take Back Your Time" movement and a free-time agenda.
Authority to Postpone Vote Considered
by Carolyn McConnell
Bush administration officials were examining a proposal that would allow elections to be postponed or cancelled in the event of a terrorist attack.
Court Rejects Media Deregulation
by Jonathan Lawson
A win for media diversity.
Vote Efforts in High Gear
by Darrin Burgess
Organizations across the country are taking extraordinary measures to motivate eligible voters to turn out in November.
Mercury in Vaccines Rejected
by Carolyn McConnell
Iowa became the first state to ban the mercury-based preservative Thimerosal from vaccines in May.
GM Wheat Shelved
by Michelle Burkhart
Monsanto nixes GM wheat.
Black Representatives Demand Action on Sudan
by Doug Pibel
Bringing attention to Sudan.
Cancer Alley Activist Honored
by Darrin Burgess
Cancer Alley organizer honored.
States Sue Over Climate Change
by Carolyn McConnell
States sue utilities over climate pollution.
Protecting the 2004 Election
by Janis Siegel
Organizing to protect our votes.
A Family of Enraged and Impassioned Women
by Courtney E. Martin
September Is For Democracy
by Michelle Burkhart
How to preserve democracy—coming to a library near you.
A Coalition for Survival
by Loretta Ross interviewed by Carolyn McConnell
One of the most unreported stories this year was the March for Women’s Lives, which brought over a million people to the streets of the nation’s capital. Even less reported was that women of color played a leading role in the event’s success.