Most Recent from YES! Magazine

The Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia
Photo Essay from the Barefoot College in Tilonia, India. Barefoot solar engineers trained by the Barefoot College have solar electrified over 200 communities in India, bringing light to over 80,000 people. The college is now training barefoot women solar engineers from 10 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, among other projects.
Christopher Herwig's Look at the Aral Sea
A photo essay of the Aral Sea. Straddling the border between Kazakhstan in the north and Uzbekistan in the south, the Aral Sea was the fourth-largest lake in the world until Soviet-era irrigation diverted water, destroying it.
Earth Under Fire
by Gary Braasch
This photo-essay offers a sample of Gary Braasch's extraordinary achievements in highlighting the effects of climate change. His latest book Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World, presents dramatic photographs, maps, and quotes from world climate science leaders.
Emma Goldman Finishing School
A photo essay of life at the Emma Goldman Finishing School, a social justice commune in Seattle.
Burning Man
by Catherine Bailey
A photo essay by Catherine Bailey from Burning Man: the annual art event based on radical self expression and self-reliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.
People Taking Charge
Seven inspiring examples of ways to be free right now: farming a city roof, creating a peace village, defying the law by feeding the hungry in a city park…
It Took a Village
by Heather Mueller
In Miami, homeless citizens didn't wait for the city. They created their own home and found dignity and safety.
Art in this Issue :: Antofagasta, Chile
by Rodrigo Araya Plaza
This slideshow highlights some of the art and photography featured in the Summer 2007 issue of YES! Magazine. This page: Rodrigo 'RasDragon' Araya Plaza.
Phil Borges :: Women Empowered
Phil Borges' latest work, "Women Empowered," profiles women in the developing world who are challenging gender norms to improve their situation and help their communities.
In Their Own Words
A YES! photo-essay with portraits and accompanying interviews with the Cuban pioneers of global health care.
The Defenders
A selection from Eddie Adams' celebrated photographs of the lives of an extraordinary group of courageous individuals worldwide: the 'defenders' of human rights.
10 Ways to a Human-Scale Economy
We offer the YES! perspective on 10 great innovations that prove change is not only possible, but underway. Tired of feeling powerless? See how to bring your economy home.
Pete Seeger at Home
by Michael Bowman
This photo series by Michael Bowman for YES! Magazine shows folk-legend Pete Seeger at his home in Beacon, New York, overlooking the Hudson River, in December, 2007.
Americans Who Tell the Truth
by Robert Shetterly
A selection of Robert Shetterly's remarkable collection of portraits of Americans Who Tell the Truth is presented in this essay.
Running the Numbers :: Building Blocks, detail
by Chris Jordan
Dazzling images make the statistics that describe the huge waste streams of our consumer culture visible. This photo essay shows recent works of Chris Jordan from his Running the Numbers and Intolerable Beauty series.