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Live From Main Street
Tour the country in a series of town hall events hosted by Laura Flanders and find out what really matters to everyday Americans this election season.
Purple America Discussion Guide
by Brendan Clarke
Where are the areas of agreement that bridge the supposed political divide between "red" and "blue: voters? Where are stories of people reaching out to make common cause on the many issues where majorities of Americans agree, regardless of political stripe?
Purple America Resource Guide
This Guide offers resources to help you start dialogue across political lines; find shared values; and take action to build a common America. You’ll also find resources for promoting a people’s agenda, and pursuing reforms that a majority of Americans want, like universal health care and affordable housing.
YES! Online
Fall 08 web exclusive videos, photo essays, music & more.
WTO Photo Quiz
by Kevin Sharp
Photographer Kevin Sharp paired his photos of the 1999 event with stills from the new film. You might be surprised by what's real and what's not
The Page That Counts :: Fall 2008
by Layla Aslani
Number of states whose lawmakers have moved to restrict sales of foreign-made American flags: 10 Value of U.S. flags imported in 2007: $4.7 million
In Review :: YES! Music Picks
YES! Picks :: Our musical inspiration while putting out the Fall 2008 issue: Jakob Dylan, Peter Buffett, Paul Galbraith.
YES! Film Picks
Maddening and motivating independent films: Ahmed and the Return of the Arab Phoenix, Good Food, and Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad.
Update :: Children Helping Children
by Layla Aslani
9 years ago in YES! … we reported on 16-year-old Craig Kielburger who, at age 12, got together with some friends to form Free The Children (FTC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to abolishing child labor worldwide. Today … we check in on the work of Free The Children.
YES! But How? :: Cat Litter, Junk Mail
by Layla Aslani, Noah Grant
Practical tips on green living, better cat litter, stopping junk mail, electric bikes.
From the Publisher :: YES! Takes on the News
by Fran Korten
Imagine that every day you could see a “YES! Take” on the news that points to the transformational possibilities that lie in every crisis.
In Review :: Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime
by Ann Lovejoy
Ann Lovejoy, gardener and garden writer extraordinaire, reviews Kenneth Helphand's book about gardens made in wartime. These gardens speak of the fierce and persistent hope that exist wherever seeds and soil can be found.
In Review :: Nonviolence: The History of a Dangerous Idea
by James Trimarco
Best-selling author Mark Kurlansky describes the movements—often religious in origin—that have denounced war in favor of active nonviolent resistance.
In Review :: The Northwest Green Home Primer
by Pamela O'Malley Chang
A comprehensive text for anyone who chooses green design for home construction or renovation. Includes well-organized checklists, helpful illustrations, and case studies.
In Review :: The Urban Homestead and Northwest Green Home Primer
by Pamela O'Malley Chang
A good-natured guide for urbanites who want to live off the land without leaving the city limits.