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The Local Multiplier Effect
Buying local products at local businesses creates a ripple effect as those businesses and employees in turn spend your money locally. In contrast corporate chains send most of your money out of town.
Go Local Discussion Guide
by Catherine Bailey, Brandi Bratrude, Sarah Kuck
Think about the systems of capitalism and communism, and the values they reflect. What would your ideal alternative economy look like? On what fundamental values would your model be based? Should consideration for human rights be incorporated into the “rules” of the economy? More questions like these . . .
People We Love: Dr Orin Guidry
Dr Guidry's letter stresses that anesthesiologists must be true to their ethical principles regardless of political implications.
Go Local Resource Guide
These resources offer ways you can get involved with the “Go Local” movement right now. Explore them; share them; start declaring your independence from the global corporate economy today
Dr Orin Guidry on Medical ethics and lethal injection
by Orin Guidry, M.D.
Receta para Cocinar una Elección
by Greg Palast
Distraídos por las 'cajas negras' de las máquinas para votar, nos perdimos el verdadero truco de manos.
Renovación Sureña
by Sarah van Gelder
Los Foros Sociales ofrecen algo nuevo: una manera de experimentar ese "otro mundo" (un lugar justo, acogedor, gentil y alegre) que sabemos que es posible.
El Bronx: Trabajo de Calidad, Atención de Calidad
by Eric Laursen
Cooperativas de atención médica crean un ambiente de trabajo positivo y calidad del servicio.
Oakland: Luchando Contra El Cáncer, Sanando el Alma
by Pamela O´Malley Chang
La Clínica Complementaria Charlotte Maxwell ofrece tratamiento de los efectos secundarios del cáncer con una efusión de amor.
Nueva Orleáns: Donde la FEMA No Se Atrevió a Pisar
by Tim Shorrock
La clínica de Common Ground en Nueva Orleans trascende como un centro de salud después del huracán.
Principios de Soluciones Reales
by Sarah van Gelder
Cinco principios básicos para un sistema de salud que funciona para todas y todos.
Cartoon Caption Competition
Readers offer captions for the latest YES! cartoon, Fall 2006.
Local Energy, Local Power
by Winona LaDuke
Energy for Democracy - wind on the Great Plains could power the country. Tribes are working to bring energy production home.
Abraham to Descendants: “Knock it Off”
by Sarah van Gelder
The Interfaith Amigos: A rabbi, a minister, and an imam, brought together by 9/11 and what followed, discover new spiritual depths from their dialogue and friendship.
Green-Collar Jobs for Urban America
by Van Jones, Ben Wyskida
Oakland discovers that green-collar jobs can revitalize its economy and sets out on the path to becoming a 'global green city.'