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Listening to Iraqi Voices
by Lisa Farino, Dal LaMagna
How can Iraq find peace? Entrepreneur and activist Dal LaMagna traveled with Code Pink to neutral ground in Jordan to find out what the Iraqi people think.
The Page That Counts :: Spring 2007
by Sarah Kuck
Classification of documents in the U.S. :: Environmental impact of Victoria's Secret :: Air traffic's contribution to climate change :: U.S. personal savings :: Women's rights and suffrage :: Bottled and potable water costs :: Days spent by U.S. troops in World War II and Iraq :: Hugs and touches
Theme Guide :: Human Rights
The United States prides itself on being the land of freedom and opportunity; the country that shows the way to rights for all. But our troubled history and troubled present reveals a different story: YES! asks where do we stand on human rights?
Penguin Cartoon Caption Competition
Readers offer captions for the YES! cartoon in the Spring 2007 issue.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - unabridged
The unabridged text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948: the first, comprehensive, internationally approved statement of rights.
SIDEBAR :: From the Other Side of the Bars
by Carol Estes, Catherine Bailey
To learn more about the roadblocks to getting back into the courts once you've been imprisoned, Catherine Bailey and Carol Estes spoke with four members of the Black Prisoners Caucus at Washington State Reformatory, a close security prison in Monroe, Washington.
Ningún Trato
by Mark Randazzo
Activistas de todo el mundo se tomaron de las manos en las calles y en los corredores del poder para protestar contra los acuerdos de comercio de la OMC que, aseguraban, le harían daño a la gente y al planeta. Ahora, ganaron a lo grande.
Financiando la Esperanza
by Tracy Fernandez Rysavy, Pnanjali Mascarenhas
How Films Can Inspire Us to Action
A special YES! Magazine graphic showing how to use documentaries to inspire activism.
Documentaries: Ready, Set ... Action
by Joseph Huff-Hannon
Documentaries could be just another form of entertainment. But some activists and filmmakers are teaming up to use film to change the world.
Building an Economy Based on Trust
by Ted White
Ted White shows how we can initiate ways to believe in and trust, rather than fear, each other. Let's start a trust-based economy.
In Oaxaca, Women Rise
by John Gibler
Putting their personal lives on hold, women in the Mexican state of Oaxaca helped shut down the government, took over a TV station, and stood up to police violence.
Yes. We're Ready: Human Rights Advocacy
by Larry Cox, Dorothy Thomas
Human rights are a powerful tool to break barriers, unite people in common cause, and show us the way to justice within and beyond our borders. Activists across the country are defining a new patriotism.
Mere Justice
by Jesse Wegman
The drive to punishment is making us forget that prisoners have a right to be heard.
Education, by Rights
by Liz Sullivan, Cecilia Blewer
Teach the Children: How do we build a school system that serves the needs of all students? Human rights provides a solid foundation.