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a race to the top?
by Elizabeth Grossman
Beginning in 2006, all electronic equipment produced and sold in the European Union (EU) will be subject to two sweeping regulations, one designed to keep toxics-laced electronics out of municipal waste, the other to reduce use of toxic substances in the first place
Report from the World Social Forum
by Fran Korten
World Social Forum in Mumbai: In mid-January, more than 80,000 global activists, scholars, Nobel laureates, poets, musicians, indigenous peoples, and community organizers gathered to declare once again, "Another world is possible!". Fran Korten reports.
Citizen Action, Networks and Global Change
by Anwar Fazal
The experience of the International Organization of Consumers' Unions.
Does anyone else feel this strange music?
by Carol Estes
Does anyone else feel this strange music? by Carol Estes... A young radical poet, Drew Dellinger, and an elder philosopher, Thomas Berry, forge an unlikely cosmological partnership.
a better life for hogs
by Holly Dressel
In response to the epidemic of industrial hog farms, Europe, Canada, and the U.S. share solutions - humane treatment of farm animals
Finding Dignity in Exile
by Ingrid Drake
Fleeing the violence of Burma's military rulers, Shan women create a sanctuary and a power base by working together.
Discussion Guide for a Conspiracy of Hope
When has awareness of an injustice spurred you into action? What was it that made you want to act? What kind of information or images have made you feel unwilling or unable to act? More questions like these . . .
The beloved community of Martin Luther King
by Grace Lee Boggs
Reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s revolutionary ideas and what they might mean for us today.
YES! But How? :: Hazards of Non-Stick Cookware
by Rachel Milanez, Becky Brun
Household tips to live more sustainably: Non-stick Cookware Safety, Refrigerator Efficiency, Expired Medicine, Recycling Cell Phones, and Leftover Soap.
A Pilgrimage to Syria
by Elias Amidon, Elizabeth Rabia Roberts
The Damascus peace mission: pilgrims to Syria find that the healing of wounds begins with listening, learning, and praying together in many languages.
Teach-It: Using Teach-in as a Change Tactic
by Connie Kim
Teach-It: Using Teach-in as a Change Tactic by Connie Kim
Act Globally, Locally - and Statewide
by Fran Korten
Act Globally, Locally - and Statewide
Resources For Courage
civil liberties and constitutional rights resources
Complexity, Trust, And Terror
by Langdon Winner
Complexity, Trust, and Terror by Langdon Winner. Dependence on technology.
Against the Tide
by Ronald Takaki
Against the Tide by Ronald Takaki, internment of Japanese Americans did not take place in Hawaii.