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Opposition to Iraq Invasion Builds,California Delivers for Families & the Earth, Mayan Justice Returns to Guatemala, South Dakota Backs Family Farmers, World Summit Takes on Corporations, Settlement Favors Saipan Workers, Unocal Can Be Sued for Atrocities, says Judge, Grocery Chain Goes Green, Report calls GMOs a “Disaster” for Farmers
Letter from the Editor
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
Democracy is an unfinished project. Our challenge today is to include those who have been excluded, to reclaim our precious democracy from the corrupting influence of big money, and to deepen our democratic processes.
Talking Back: Media for the People
Media for the People- Ricardo "Kool Aid" Chavez, Desiree Evans, Megan Rowling, Jonathan Lawson, Jeff Chester and Gary O. Larson
Readers' Forum
Hyphenated People
Readers Take Action
by David Smith-Ferri
In Iraq, Waiting for War
Book Review - Making a Place for Community by Thad Williamson, Gar Alperovitz, and David Imbroscio
by David Morris
Book Review - Food Politics by Marion Nestle
by Ellie Winninghoff
Book Review - Silent Theft: The Private Plunder of Our Common Wealth by David Bollier
by Jonathan Rowe
Free Airtime For Political Candidates
by Paul Taylor
campaign finance reform and free airtime for candidates
Put Some Heart Into It: Spirit in Action
by Linda Stout
Spirit in Action: Create a collective vision; Take time for community, and bring spirit into our work for change.
Clean Elections
by Micah Sifry
clean elections: How can we rid our election system of the corrupting influence of big money and welcome in third parties?
Earth Democracy - an interview with Vandana Shiva
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder, Vandana Shiva
an interview with Vandana Shiva, about seed saving, cultural insecurity, economic insecurity in India, hope
Watching the Watchers
by Megan Rowling
Surveillance Camera Players, SCP, retaining privacy, Street Performances challenging surveillance technologies
Resource Guide for Democracy
Living Economies resource guide
Young, Wealthy, Committed
by Jacqueline Pratt
What happens when young activists inherit a fortune? Some of them have come together to find ways to use their wealth to bring about a world in which wealth is shared. Making Money Make Change