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Theme Guide :: Sustainable Happiness
What makes us happy? It's a question we could leave to philosophers and poets, except for this: the pursuit of happiness, as now defined, is running our world into the ground. So the question that may turn out to be key to our future is: How can we have happy people and a happy planet?
Story of a Sign
Sometimes all it takes is a stroke of a pen. A beautiful film by Alonso Alvarez.
If Everyone Cared
Nickleback's music video reveals what can happen if everyone cared. You and your students will be moved to step it up and give your time, talents, and care to those in need.
Connect and Engage: Addressing Fear
by Jing Fong
Here are lesson plans and how-to resources forcoming to terms with false assumptions about immigrants, the current economic crisis, and walls that separate important relationships. Simply put, it’s about addressing fear with clarity and calmness.
Mix It Up
What if you ate the same thing every day? Same goes with who you eat lunch with at school. It’s great to have your favorites, but it’s also good to have some variety in your life.
Speak Up!
by Jing Fong
Six Steps to Speaking Up Against Everyday Bigotry Teaching Tolerance's Speak Up! initiative helps individuals stand up to everyday prejudice. Learn not only about injustice, but how to stand up to it.
12 Ways You Can Safeguard the Vote :: PDF
by Fran Korten
Recommendations of simple ways you can protect your own vote, and the fairness of the system: download a PDF of the YES! Checklist for a Fair Election - 12 Ways You Can Safeguard the Vote.
Guide to Establishing a Poll Watching Group
This is a step-by-step guide to establishing a group to observe elections held on Direct Record Electronic (DRE) voting machines. It was designed for poll watching in Georgia, which uses Diebold TS machines.
Don’t Ignore the Constitution During Election Season
by Kathleen Taylor
This election season is an opportunity to think about what the Constitution has given us, as well as what we ourselves can do to make sure it survives—not just in letter, but in spirit.
Justicia para las madres y padres que trabajan
by Nanette Fondas
Una agenda que pone a la gente en primer lugar: Familias
Órdenes del médico: cobertura de salud para todos
by Daina Saib
Cobertura de salud para todos.
10 políticas para un mejor Estados Unidos
by Sarah van Gelder
¿Qué quieren los Norteamericanos? Estados Unidos más allá del bipartidismo
1001 Conversaciones
by Pramila Jayapal
Cientos se reunieron a través de los EE.UU. para discutir el lado humano de la inmigración.
Crea tu propio lugar de trabajo
by Layla Aslani
Una agenda que pone a la gente en primer lugar: trabajo
El consorcio comunitario de tierras mantiene los precios asequibles, por hoy y para siempre
by Daniel Fireside
Mantener precios accesibles—Ahora y para siempre.