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“Evil World Banking” Explained
by Yessenia Funes
In less than two minutes, John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, explains how corporations can take over entire nations through predatory loans and debt collection.
Tiny Houses Are Cute, But Can You Actually Cook a Meal in One?
by Ellie Lillstrom
As an avid cook I wondered what orchestrating a sizable meal would be like in the two-burner kitchen of a 250-square-foot home. So I gave it a try with my favorite recipe.
"What We Fear" Middle School Winner Deedee Jansen
Read Deedee's essay, "How Do You Spell: Afriad, Dislexsa, Faer," about how people's biases toward dyslexia can lock her in a cage, but having dyslexia can also be a blessing for seeing things differently.
"What We Fear" High School Winner Clair Williamson
by Clair Williamson
Read Clair's essay, "A Different Kind of Relapse" about how her struggle with depression has motivated her to accept the love and kindness of those around her.
"What We Fear" University Winner Dion Medina
by Dion Medina
Read Dion's essay, "Chronic Pain," about sacrificing an active lifestyle—and inheriting an unthinkable future—to manage avascular necrosis, a disease that causes bone to slowly die.
"What We Fear" Powerful Voice Winner Jazmyn Bryant
by Jazmyn Bryant
Read Jazmyn's essay, "A Serf in the Midst of Feudalism" about personally confronting racial injustice, and how necessary it is to act collectively for a reformed system.
"What We Fear" Powerful Voice Winner Jonah Gold
by Jonah Gold
Read Jonah's essay, "A Future Me," about the challenge in balancing two different parts of himself, and his efforts toward becoming proud of the part he's less comfortable with.
"What We Fear" Powerful Voice Winner Nicole Reiber
by Nicole Reiber
Read Nicole's essay, "The Monster Within" about relationships and career opportunities in her life that have been lost because of her self-sabotaging behaviors, and how self-respect has helped her fight this monster.
"What We Fear" Literary Gems
We received many outstanding essays for the Spring 2016 Writing Competition. Though not every participant can win the contest, we'd like to share some excerpts that caught our eye.
Julie M. Elman's Response to "What We Fear" Essay Winners
by Julie M. Elman
Julie M. Elman responds to the winners of our Spring 2016 Student Writing Competition.
Why You Should Watch an Uplifting Movie Tonight
by Sophie H. Janicke
Research shows meaningful films, in particular those that depict values of love, kindness, and connectedness, go a long way toward changing your worldview.
Why Give Breaks to Huge Corporations When We Could Invest Public Money Down the Street?
by Kasia Tarczynska
Cities and states fork over an estimated $70 billion each year to large companies that don’t need public assistance to thrive. We could spend that money on our own neighborhoods.
The Next Libyan Revolution Will Be Led by Women Wielding Words—Not Guns
by Alaa Murabit
“Soft power” gives communities words and tools to fight against violence, fear, and corruption and offers youth weapons of peace against an enemy that wants to drag them into war.
After a Century In Decline, Black Farmers Are Back And On the Rise
by Leah Penniman
These Black farmers don’t stop at healthy food. They’re healing trauma, instilling collective values, and changing the way their communities think about the land.
What Does a Feminist Mortician Look Like?
by Jennifer Luxton
Historically, when a man takes care of a corpse, he is a professional. When a woman takes care of a corpse, it’s a domestic task. How can we close the gender gap in the death care industry?