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U.S.-India Nuclear Deal Overlooks Clean Energy Options
by Worldwatch Institute
World Watch Institute believes the new U.S.-India nuclear deal increases risk of terrorist access to nuclear weapons.
Houston Janitors Win Union Struggle
by Megan Tady
The people who clean Houston's tallest buildings have won the right to organize and be represented by the Service Employees International Union.
50 Ways to Thrive and Survive in the Next 10 Years
50 different strategies and ideas to live a better life
Indicators: Asian Activists Join Forces Against WTO
by Lilja Otto, Stephanie Fung
Hong Kong protesters and South Koreans join march at Hong Kong WTO meeting
The Page That Counts
by Andrew Lovejoy
Number of years in which New York officials hope to have converted the city’s entire fleet to hybrid-powered: . . .
Acupuncturists help ease post-Katrina stress
by Richard Muhammad
Acupuncturists Without Border help relieve the pain of those left in post-Katrina New Orleans and those who have come to help.
Economic Rebirth After the Storm
by Meizhu Lui
United for a Fair Economy helps the devastated Houma Nation organize a new economic model for itself.
Nothing Stops Mardi Gras
by Jordan Flaherty
Just six months after Hurricane Katrina, the annual Mardi Gras reigns supreme while many displaced residents still have nothing to celebrate
Video Review- Invisible Ballots: Temptation for Electronic Vote Fraud
by Andrew Lovejoy
Video Review. Electronic voting poses an unprecedented threat to the foundation of our democracy.
Internet Activism
by Barbara Sehr, Courtney Martin
In 10 years, the Internet has remade activism.
When the People Decide
by Doug Pibel
Participative budgeting is a growing movement in Brazil.
Ben Brandzel / MoveOn's Student Mobilizer
by Elle McPherson
MoveOn's Student Action's success is rooted in Brandzel's recognition of the Internet as a powerful organizing and fund-raising tool.
Buster Simpson: Art in Service to Ecology
by Dee Axelrod
Buster Simposon makes sculptures that enhance and explain rather than merely decorate the landscape.
Democracy: the (Re)Claiming of Democracy
by Doug Pibel
In danger of losing their vote and voice, Americans are demanding a return to the founding principles.
A Remembrance of Coretta Scott King
by Rachel Harding
Coretta Scott King's role not only included her husband’s powerful, radical message of peace and justice, but also the long tradition of gracious and mighty women who provided the foundation of welcome, compassion, inclusivity, and speaking-truth-to-power.