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Affect Change: Go to the US Social Forum
People explain why they are going to the US Social Forum in Atlanta, Georgia, June 27-July 1, 2007.
Commentary: US Social Forum - What Another U.S. Might Look Like
by Michael Leon Guerrero
Will the first US Social Forum be an "aha" moment in the global movement for change.
Malik Rahim: Spreading Common Ground
by Doug Pibel
An interview with the cofounder of New Orleans' Common Ground Collective.
Guerrilla Reconstruction in New Orleans
by Greg Palast
Showing FEMA a thing or two about rebuilding communities... Common Ground takes charge
100 Years of Human Rights in the U.S.
Explore 100 years of human rights achievements and losses in the US: racial justice, immigrant rights, women's rights, worker rights, and more.
Every Day Ought To Be Earth Day
by Ann Lovejoy
A sermon given by Ann Lovejoy at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Bainbridge Island.
Who Drowned the Big Easy? What You Haven't Been Told
by Greg Palast
Greg Palast reveals the real reasons why New Orleans drowned in this extract from his bestseller 'Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans — Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild.'
Declaration of La Paz
by Jallalla Indigenous Pueblos and Nations of Abya Yala
A message of resilience, hope and solidarity from the indigenous peoples of Abya Yala.
China Provokes Debate in Africa
by Walden Bello
Walden Bello examines China's input into the World Social Forum movement.
Electric Surfboard Cartoon
"Sure it keeps your feet warm, but you can only surf the inshore break." Caption submitted by Townsend Twainhart.
The YES! Staff, Interns and Volunteers that helped put together the Spring 2007 issue.
YES! Picks
YES! staff reveal their musical inspiration while while putting out this issue: Matisyahu's 'Youth'; Amos Lee; and Laura Veirs' 'Carbon Glacier'.
Just the Facts
by Sarah Kuck
Human Rights Actually Are Quite a Bargain, But We Bought a War Instead
No Comment
Street Artists Show There is Something to Fear. Guerilla street art satirizes our culture of fear.
SIDEBAR :: Partners in Justice
Prisoners' rights often fall in the blind spot of the public eye. These are just a few of the groups whose efforts are helping to correct our vision.