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Urban Peacemaker
Nane Alexandrez returned from Vietnam to a community struggling with drugs, violence, and poverty. Determined to reach young people with alternatives to violence, he started Barrios Unidos. but to succeed, he found he had to confront his own addiction.
Resources for Reflection and Action
Resources for Reflection and Action - Connecting with others to learn more and to make your views known
Is It Right?
What religous leaders, poets, veterans and others are saying about going to war with Iraq
War Costs
Bumper sticker by Dan Kowalski.
Saying Yes! to Peace
Voices from the YES! Magazine archives on War, Iraq, and Envisioning a Better Way
Waiting for War
by David Smith-Ferri
Do Iraqis want an American invasion to free them from Saddam Hussein?
From Empire to Earth Community
by David C. Korten
We can choose a path of patient and compassionate justice that respects life, the rights of the innocent, and the rule of law in a cooperative international effort to bring the guilty to justice, as we simultaneously work to bring justice to the world by creating a world that works for all.
More on What Is the Bush Doctrine
In September 2002, President Bush unveiled a new military strategy that supports US right to preemptive strikes.
More on What Would It Cost To Go To War?
by Carolyn McConnell
More on the cost of war. Human costs, military costs, environmental costs
More on Why Don’t Our Allies Support This War?
by Kim Corrigan
Prayers and Poems
A selection of prayers and poems on Iraq
There is no Basis for War
by Phyllis Bennis
Talking points created for United for Peace and Justice. We cannot accept the legitimacy of killing potentially hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to prevent an unknown speculative future threat.
10 Questions Americans Are Asking as the US Government Prepares for War
by Carolyn McConnell, Kim Corrigan
Ten questions Americans are asking in the run-up to war with Iraq.
Speaking for Justice
by Pramila Jayapal
Sikhs, Somalis, Arabs, Latinos, people whose lives have changed since September 11, 2001, gather in Seattle to tell their stories of fear and humiliation—stories that echo the Japanese internments . Immigrant injustices since Septermber 11. Erosion of constitutional rights.
Opposition to Iraq Invasion Builds,California Delivers for Families & the Earth, Mayan Justice Returns to Guatemala, South Dakota Backs Family Farmers, World Summit Takes on Corporations, Settlement Favors Saipan Workers, Unocal Can Be Sued for Atrocities, says Judge, Grocery Chain Goes Green, Report calls GMOs a “Disaster” for Farmers