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Signs of Life
Signs of Life: Small Stories about Big Change. Our Summmer 2007 indicators of a more positive future.
Theme Guide :: Latin America
Stories of change from the bottom up: Latin America shows us the way as dictatorships give way to democracies. After 20 years of stagnation, economies are taking off, and people are rising out of poverty.
Travel in Latin America
How to travel with a conscience in Latin America. From homestay information, to volunteer opportunities, everything you need to know.
Film Resources: Latin America
The YES! team's recommendations for great documentaries and feature films from Latin America to accompany this issue.
Latin America Rising Resource Guide
A selection of groups and organizations from North, Central and South America, as well as on-line journalism and films about the region.
Meningitis B: Cuba's Got the Vaccine—Why Don't We?
by Robert Fortner, MD
A vaccine with proven effectiveness against Meningitis B was developed in Cuba in the 1980s. Since then, 55 million doses have been administered in Cuba and other countries. But not in the U.S.,where outbreaks still kill children. Dr. Robert Fortner, MD, wanted to find out why…
The Page That Counts :: Summer 2007
by Catherine Bailey
Bee loss :: Computer dependency :: Cheery dyed sheep :: Political freshman :: Relative disrespect towards women :: Birth-control, abstinence and sex education :: Worker stress and salaries :: Perceptions of global warming ...
Iraq Veterans, Activists for Peace
by Sarah Olson
Iraq War veterans Ricky Clousing, Garett Reppenhagen, and Darrell Anderson tell their stories.
Venezuela: Democracy or Dictatorship?
by Michael Fox
According to Condoleeza Rice, Venezuela is a burgeoning dictatorship. Take a look at these facts and make your own judgments.
Powerful Beat
Review of the documentary "Favela Rising" with Anderson Sa frontman for the band Afro Reggae. AfroReggae's music has brought the sound of hope to Brazil's slums.
Voices of Time
by Eduardo Galeano
The work of Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan author and historian. His book of stories Voices of Time: A Life in Stories is published by Metropolitan Books.
Oscar Olivera: After the Water War
by Sarah van Gelder
Cochabamba's water wars have ended. With the multinationals gone, Oscar Olivera advocates a change in mindset.
U.S. Role Turned Upside Down
by Sarah Anderson, Jeremy Orhan Simer, Eva Golinger
Latin American countries are uniting in solidarity to combat U.S intervention in their politics, economies and militaries.
Venezuela's Co-op Boom
by Michael Fox
The boom of cooperatives in Venezuela is promoting employment and social justice at a grassroots level.
5 Ways NOT to Travel Like a Tourist
by Lisa Gale Garrigues
Tips to minimize travel that screams "TOURIST!"