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Justicia Global
by Thom Athanasiou
Países ricos y pobres se juntaron en la Conferencia de la ONU sobre el Cambio Climático en Bali y decidieron a dar una oportunidad a la justicia global.
Ecuador: Protegiendo la diversidad de bosques y personas
by Brooke Jarvis
El presidente Ecuatoriano Rafael Correa ha ofrecido parar la explotación de una de las reservas petroleras más grandes del país a cambio de cancelaciones de la deuda externa. Las negociaciones son un experimento que puede llevar la justicia y los derechos humanos al centro del discurso sobre el cambio climático.
Un movimiento para salvar al clima
by Bill McKibben
Después de la guerra nuclear, la crisis climática puede ser el reto más grande que jamás haya enfrentado la raza humana. Todavía hay tiempo, sin embargo. Y sabemos qué hacer.
Bienvenidos a un planeta diferente
by Sarah van Gelder
Sarah van Gelder introduce la edición de primavera de YES!, "Soluciones para el cambio climático": ¿Qué hará falta y dónde encontrar las tecnologias y leyes que nos llevarán a las soluciones? ¿Y cómo va el movimiento que se está formando alrededor de la crisis climática?
Pete Seeger :: Exclusive Interview
by Pete Seeger
Folk music icon Pete Seeger talks about music, social activism, and climate change in this exclusive interview.
Theme Guide :: Stop Global Warming Cold
Climate change used to be something that would happen far off in the future. Now the science says we have just 10 years to change course or things will get scary. What do we do? What will actually make a difference? It turns out we have the means. The question is: Do we have the will?
Lodge Cartoon
"You should have seen the one that got away." Caption submitted by Kent McCullough.
Why Positive Journalism Matters
by Sarah van Gelder
Listen to Sarah van Gelder's interview by Chris Vondrasek on KBCS' One World Report: "It is part of our journalistic task—to pay attention to where there is news of successful change."
Video :: Pete Seeger Interview
by Sarah van Gelder
Folk music icon Pete Seeger talks about music, social activism, and climate change in this exclusive interview.
What’s possible in a post-carbon world
by Guy Dauncey
Can we get to a post-carbon world? Guy Dauncey shows how to make buildings, electricity, transportation, food, and forests climate friendly. Yes, we can.
Xavier Cortada: Artist’s Statement
by Xavier Cortada
To address global climate change, Cortada has created two related works. One focuses on global awareness, the other on local action. The artist says: "My work aims to challenge us to find deeper meaning in our present lives by exploring the paths of those who came before us and our relationship to the natural world."
Education for Peace in Guatemala
The nonprofit Miguel Angel Asturias Academy was founded in 1994 to address Guatemala's educational crisis. Devoted to creating informed, critically-thinking, socially conscious citizens, the academy seeks to empower its students to become leaders and agents of change within their communities.
Jon Warnow :: Brower Youth Awards
Listen to Jon's energetic acceptance speech as he invites all of us to “step outside our comfort zones” and remake our world.
Carlos Moreno :: Brower Youth Awards
Carlos is all about being the change—invite your students to hear about his commitment and dedication to his Boston community and how he lives the change he believes in.
It’s Not Too Late
by Van Jones
The crises facing our planet can be overwhelming. But it is not too late for change, says Van Jones, a respected social justice leader. In this inspiring video, he shares that change begins with a world view that says we're not going to leave anyone behind.