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War Games
by Carol Estes
the War on Drugs: the social cost of the drug war and the people in and out of the criminal justice system who are calling for an end to war.
Is It Time to Close the Prisons Discussion Guide
Have you, or has someone close to you, spent time in jail or prison? What was the experience like? How did it change you/them?
Conservation Measures
by Susan Callan
Eco-design resources for making a green workplace.
Youth Court: Jury of Their Peers
by Edgar S. Cahn
The Time Dollar Youth Court in Washington, D.C. for first time juvenile offenders aims to keep first offenders from becoming hardened criminals.
YES! But How? :: Toxins and Pregnancy, Composting in the Cold
by Annie Berthold-Bond, Doug Pibel
Household Chemicals, Worm Bins, and Composting.
Our New Home
by Fran Korten
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures
Food for Life: The Brink of Opportunity
by Hal Hamilton
Industrial agriculture is a parody of the life-sustaining farming practiced over thousands of years. But there are signs of new life.
Resources For Life-Centered Agriculture
by Rik Langendoen
Organizations, ideas, books, and websites on life sustaining gardening, agriculture, and food
The Page That Counts :: Summer 2000
Percentage of Americans who would be comfortable buying a used car from George W. Bush, and more...
Book Review - Graceful Simplicity by Jerome Segal, Living Lightly by Walter and Dorothy Schwarz
by John de Graaf
Segal shows that now, perhaps for the first time in history, it is possible to create a society where all people can live simply but gracefully, with time for the things that really matter – deep friendships and relationships, a beautiful and clean environment, and freedom from fear and insecurity. All that is needed is the political will.
Film Review - Princess Mononoke Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
by Alan AtKisson
Book Review - Many Mountains Moving edited by Naomi Horii and Marilyn Krysl
by H.D. Lail
Book Review - Communities Directory: A Guide to Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living
by Amy Winchester
Book Review- Believing Cassandra: an optimist looks at a pessimist's world by Alan AtKisson
by Donella Meadows
YES! But How? :: Alternatives to Grass
by Annie Berthold-Bond, Doug Pibel
Ideas for green grass alternatives, fluorescent lights and natural moth repellents. If you're searching for practical ways to live sustainably, just ask us.