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Building a New Force
by Michael N. Nagler
Nonviolent intervenors transform our response to conflict. Building a new force by Michael n. Nagler, an article on the Nonviolent Peaceforce. YES! A Journal of Positive Futures,
Money's Conversations
by Camy Mathay
Money's Conversations by Camy Mathay - MadHOURS, madison hours, alternative currency, local currencies
Responses to Fran Korten's "We're All Hyphenated Americans"
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, Responses to Fran Korten's "We're All Hyphenated Americans"
Of Land And Hope
by Anna Lappe
of land and hope, by Frances Moore Lappe & Anna Lappe, Landless Workers Movement, MST, YES! A Journal of Positive Futures,
We're all Hyphenated Americans
by Fran Korten
Fran Korten's column, We're all Hyphenated Americans
Economies For Life
by David Korten
While the ruling elites occupy themselves with seeking to restore faith in the pathological institutions on which their power and privilege were built, the rest of us can embrace this moment of economic failure as an historic opportunity. Through our individual and collective choices, we can grow into being the economic institutions, relationships, and culture of a just, sustainable, and compassionate world of living economies that work for all.
It Shall Be a Jubilee Unto You
by Michael Hudson
redistribution of wealth, jubilee, cancelling debt by edict, Clean-slate tradition
Starting Over
by Lisa Gale Garrigues
Solidarity solutions in Argentina, barter clubs as a solution, Brukman Factory takeover, author Lisa Gale Garrigues, worker-owned cooperatives as a solution to Argentina crisis. YES!
Notable Articles From the Archives On Economic Alternatives
Living Economies resource guide
From the Earth, Up
by Anthony Flaccavento
Appalachian Sustainable Development, ASD, sustainable forestry and wood products program, sustainable farms.
Let the Sun Shine In
by Ralph Estes
about corporate abuse, Stakeholder Alliance, corporate stakeholder rights, corporate responsibility as a solution
Breaking Down Buildings, Building Up a Neighborhood
by Holly Dressel
The suicide economy is all too ready to cast off used material, disadvantaged people, and troubled neighborhoods. These living economy entrepreneurs are turning throwaways into gold.
Saving Together
by Richard Douthwaite
JAK interest free bank in Sweden
Discussion Guide for Living Economies
Questions like: How have corporations affected life for you or your community? Have you had experiences of elements of a local living economy being created or restored? What worked for you? What didn't? What actions can you take as an individual or a participant in a political movement to restore your own community?
Unleashing Our Hidden Wealth
by Edgar Cahn
Time Dollars and tutoring. No More Throwaway People, Time Dollar exchange for computers, Englewood schools