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Theme Guide :: Stop Global Warming Cold
Climate change used to be something that would happen far off in the future. Now the science says we have just 10 years to change course or things will get scary. What do we do? What will actually make a difference? It turns out we have the means. The question is: Do we have the will?
Barefoot College :: The Night Schools
More than 250 night schools have been set up throughout India for the benefit of working children. Nearly 4000 girls and over 2,250 boys, who tend cattle during the day, attend these schools after dark, and the schools are powered by solar lanterns maintained by barefoot solar engineers.
The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers of the Gambia
See the solar installation in process, start to finish: follow two rural illiterate women from The Gambia who learn how to become Barefoot Solar Engineers.
The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers of the World
This 10-minute video tells the story of the first woman barefoot solar engineers in the world. “This is a true story about ordinary heroes. A story of very simple women who have made an extraordinary difference in their own community…”
Focus on Focus the Nation
by Sarah Kuck
Did you go to Focus the Nation last month? Sarah Kuck was there, and reports from Seattle's event at the University of Washington.
Climate Solutions :: Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and article summaries for our Climate Solutions issue. Explore solutions to climate change and find practical, feasible ways to make big differences through your own actions.
Climate Change Feedback Loops :: Background Reading
A little temperature rise can unlock vicious feedback loops that speed global warming. If global temperatures continue to rise, some of these feedbacks could spiral beyond our ability to reverse them.
Signs of Life :: Human Rights
Bolivia Adopts New Constitution by Juliette Beck, Immokalee Farm Workers challenge Burger King by Hannah Sassaman. Uruguay legalizes same-sex unions. Lawyers Challenge Bush by Marget Christenen
Signs of Life :: Media
by Jonathan Lawson
FCC Chair Kevin Martin pushes a decision to allow big media companies to hold combined ownership of newspapers, TV and radio
Signs of Life :: U.S. Military
by Brooke Jarvis
Protesters Block Base Construction in Vicenza Italy - Suicides among U. S. veterans - Potrero residents protest Blackwater training facility - YES! magazine signs of life
Let the Sun Shine In (and some wind, too)
Just the Facts :: Global Warming and Climate Solutions
Quote :: Lester Brown
One way or another, the choice will be made by our generation, but it will affect life on earth for all generations to come. Illustrated with a photo of solar units brought on foot to a Himalayan village. The Barefoot College of Tilonia, India is training locals on installation and repair of solar units.
Instead of More Coal Plants …
What’s the potential for carbon-free electricity production? How many coal plants could we replace if we turned to carbon-free renewables instead?
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