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Designing For Life
by John Todd
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, Spring 2000: new stories, designing for life, by John Todd
Clueless In Seattle
by Jonathan Rowe
Why were all those people in the streets? Reporters and pundits who covered the WTO recited the free-trade mantra but knew nothing of its real-world impact. Then there’s the small matter of who owns the media
What's Next After Seattle WTO Protests
by Fran Korten
What to do in the post-WTO protest era.
Cyber Consciousness
by Jean Houston
Jean Houston, sees the internet as a place where a new species intelligence is being born.
The Entangled Universe
by Mae-Wan Ho
new stories,the entangled universe, by Mae-Wan Ho
November 30 WTO Showdown
by Paul Hawken
The most dramatic confrontations took place on November 30 (N30), when thousands of protesters blocked WTO delegates from reaching the meeting. Author Paul Hawken was among them.
Making Peace In Macedonia
by Eran Fraenkel, John Marks
The key elements of conflict prevention in Macedonia have been: • Domestic political will. • International presence.• NGOs. Breaking down media ghettos
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Into Our Hands
by Katsi Cook
new stories, into our hands, by Katsi Cook
Whose Story, What Future
by Susan Cannon
stories, whose story, what future, by Susan Cannon
Moments of Grace
by Thomas Berry
new stories, moments of grace, by thomas berry
Divine Daughters
by Rachel Bagby
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, Spring 2000: new stories, divine daughters, a poem by Rachel Bagby
Bringing It Home
by Rod Arakaki
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, bringing it home, Rod Arakaki, Heather McAndrew, N. Bird Runningwater, Guy Dauncey, Jay Walljasper, Jamison Ervin, Pramila Jayapal, David Korten
From the Trenches: Opening Day of the WTO Ministerial Meeting
by Tracy Rysavy
WTO On-Site Report, November 30, 1999 by Tracy Rysavy.
WTO Is Anti-Democratic, Anti-People, and Anti-Environment
by David C. Korten
Guest editorial on the Seattle WTO Protests, aired on KPLU, Tacoma, WA November 1999