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YES! But How? :: Furniture Polish
linseed oil furniture polish, nontoxic way to clean carpet, volunteers for physical work, sustainable deck, controlling sugar ants
Readers' Forum
Precaution: Mistrust Science
The Page That Counts :: Winter 2002
Afghanistan: A Portrait in Numbers
Can Love Save the World
by Walter Wink
Can Love Save the World by Walter Wink
Peace and Nonviolence Resource Guide
Resources for conflict resolution and organizations working for peace
Heart of a Muslim
by Jamal Rahman
heart of a muslim by Jamal Rahman,
Ordinary Heroes
by Samuel P. Oliner
Sociologist and Holocaust survivor Samuel P. Oliner writes about what motivates altruists and heroes who put the welfare of others alongside their own. Reaching out to others has been the force behind much that is good in the world.
Review of Widening Circles
by Kim Bush
A review of Joanna Macy's book Widening Circles, by Kim Bush.
by Michael Lerner
The great wound we face as a species will have to be acknowledged at a depth that most of us have only begun to imagine if we are to carry this wound in a way that leads to planetary healing.
Review of Culture Jam: the Uncooling of AmericaTM
by Dan Bertolet
A review of the book Culture Jam, by Kalle Lasn, founder of Adbusters magazine.
Choose Love
by Yael Lachman
What America has just learned, very painfully, is that we have not loved enough. Through our own ignorance, we have helped create a world where desperate people will gladly sign up to be the messengers of death. And now that death and destruction have reached our own shores, we must decide how we are going to respond: with love, or with fear.
Danny Glover Under Attack
by Fran Korten
Danny Glover, actor, activist, and board member of the Positive Futures Network, has been coming under a hailstorm of attacks based on an incident following a speech he gave at Princeton on November 15.
Something Shifted
by Fran Korten
In the shadow of war, evidence accumulates of changing cultural priorities and a brighter future
Our Time To Choose
by David Korten
The terrorist attack on September 11 momentarily united the world behind an effort to bring the guilty to justice and prevent future terrorist violence. It also focused attention on a defining human choice between justice and vengeance, compassion and violence, and freedom and suppression.
Just Listen
by Leah Green
The Compassionate Listening Project is a reconciliation effort based on the ideas of Gene Knudsen Hoffman, a Quaker peacemaker. Participants are trained to listen respectfully to all sides of the conflict, with a goal to build the international constituency for Mideast peace while offering a practical tool for conflict resolution.