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13 Best Energy Ideas
Investment in energy projects will total $16 trillion in the next two decades. Sarah van Gelder lays out over a dozen sustainable energy policies and technologies that can make our infrastructure more climate friendly.
In Review :: YES! Picks - Music
Our musical inspiration while putting out the Spring 2008 issue: Brett Dennen, Give Us Your Poor, Butch Hancock.
In Review :: YES! Picks - Argentina: Turning Around
by Tanya Dawkins
Tanya Dawkins reviews Argentina: Turning Around. Also... View the trailer, more YES! Stories on Argentina
In Review :: The Story of Stuff
by Cecile Andrews
Everyone is concerned about global warming, but no one seems willing to say the fatal words: We must start consuming less. The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard lays out, in just 20 minutes, the problems in our consumption of “stuff” and shows how everything is linked
In Review :: The Revolution Will Not Be Funded
by James Trimarco
James Trimarco reviews INCITE's The Revolutions Will Not be Funded. Women of Color Against Violence challenge the no-profit model of social action and propose thoughtful alternative strategies.
In Review :: Remembering Tomorrow
by Jen Angel
Jen Angel reviews Michael Albert's new memoir, Remembering Tomorrow: From SDS to Life After Capitalism.
In Review :: Beyond Prisons
by Carol Estes
Carol Estes reviews Magnani and Wray's Beyond Prisons: a fascinating, imaginative approach to reinventing criminal justice.
The Page That Counts :: Spring 2008
by Brooke Jarvis
Amount of its roads budget that Copenhagen devotes to services and infrastructure for cyclists: 1/3. Amount of money that a community gains for every mile biked instead of driven: 50 cents ...
The Fierce Urgency of Now
by Grace Lee Boggs
A call for beloved communities from Grace Lee Boggs: "We are living in a time of great peril and possibility."
People We Love :: Hal Taussig
Taussig has made a habbit of giving away all of his money. All of the profits of his current alternative tourism company for example go to the UnTour Foundation that provides loans to social justice projects.
People We Love :: Cheryl Honey
Cheryl Honey founded the Family Support Network International and now trains "Community Weavers" who take her model of neighbor support and skill sharing back home to strengthen their own communities.
People We Love :: Erica Fernandez
16 year-old Erica Fernandez received a 2007 Brower Youth award for her campaign to stop the building of a liquefied natural gas plant.
People We Love :: Daniel Levin
Daniel Levin's courageous work as assistant attorney general led to the House of Representatives passing a bill forbidding such interrogation methods as waterboarding.
Signs of Life :: Voting
by Edward Hailes
Activists lead successful legal campaigns to stop laws in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland that discourage voting and voter registration
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