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No Easy Answers
by Ron Heifitz
an interview with Ron Heifitz by Steve Boyd
Yearning for Balance
by Harwood Group
In 1995, the Merck Family Fund commissioned The Harwood Group, a public issues research and innovations firm, to study citizen perspectives on the issue of consumption.
Democracy In the Woods
by Arlene Hetherington, Lou Piotrowski
During the winter of 1992-93, two men on opposite sides of the Timber Wars in the Feather River watershed began a conversation that eventually included others and continues to this day. One, a self-described "environmental wacko" lawyer. The other, a county supervisor, businessman, and timber industry advocate. They knew it was time to stop the decay that was spreading throughout their communities. Their conversation spread like wildfire.
The Great Divide: Prospects for an Integral Culture
by Paul Ray
All the ingredients are in place for a new "integral" culture, according to researcher Paul Ray. Some 44 million in the US alone are people Paul Ray has identified as "Cultural Creatives," through his public opinion research. This article is adapted from his report to the Fetzer Institute and the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and from an article on the report that appeared in the Noetic Sciences Review.
Can We Live Without Oil? Discussion Guide
Whether it’s 10 years or 50 years, we must start making significant changes to the way we power our lives if children born in 2004 are to have safe, reliable, and sustainable energy sources.
Letter from the Editor
by Sarah van Gelder
What sets apart those who are making a difference is their clarity and courage. Even in a time when fear rules our lives and radically changes our society, these people don’t lose sight of another way.
Reclamando a America - Reclaiming America
by Roberto Vargas, Rafael Jesús González
Desde la guerra de Vietnam no he aceptado "Americano" como mi identidad. Aunque soy psicólogo, facilitador de reuniones y guía de ceremonia chicano quien ha prestado asistencia en solunción comunitaria de problemas y planificación estratégica por Norte America y en el extranjero, nunca he sentido que los Estados Unidos fuera mi comunidad, y nunca del todo ofrecí mis servicios, mi sabiduría y energía a "America."
New Media, New Partners
One Easy Solution for Democracy
by Fran Korten
One Easy Solution for Democracy - In this nail-biter of an election, the third-party “spoiler” effect could be devastating. But there’s a simple solution: Instant Runoff Voting
Questions for Reflection: The Lake and the 'Hood
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Questions for Students: Going Forward Full Circle
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Questions for Reflection: Reclaiming America
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Questions for Students: When Youth Lead
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Questions for students: Seeds of Justice, Seeds of Hope
by YES! for Youth Education Program
Book Review - In Praise of Slowness: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed
by Ellie Winninghoff
This book by Carl Honore explores our infatuation with speed, and speed's impact on community, relationships,fear, and more.