Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who is the New World Bank President?

Who is Robert Zoellick, the newly named president of the World Bank? According to this article in Foreign Policy in Focus, by occasional YES! contributor Sarah Anderson, he doesn't look any more promising than his predecessor. Here's a quote from Zoellick from shortly after 9/11, in which he attempts to blame the global justice movement for the attack:
“In the wake of the shock of 13 days ago, many people will struggle to understand why terrorists hate the ideas America has championed around the world,” Zoellick said. “It is inevitable that people will wonder if there are intellectual connections with others who have turned to violence to attack international finance, globalization, and the United States.”

Not a good sign for the future of the World Bank, which, if it doesn't show more interest in the well being of its supposed beneficiaries, may find itself going down the same path as the IMF. See Sarah Anderson's article in the current issue of YES! about the IMF's fall from a major player in Latin America to nearly irrelevant

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At 12:15 PM, Blogger HODAD26 said...

get rid of world bank, just a USA corporate propaganda tool
and especially for countries like Cuba, thanks Sarah for the article on Cuban health care has HEMP info


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