Monday, January 21, 2008

Just, green economic stimulus

It's the perfect opportunity. Democrats and Republicans agree that an economic stimulus package is needed. So the government is getting ready to inject cash, quickly, into the economy. With markets plummeting, foreclosures up, this is urgent, right?

Here's another thing that's urgent: Getting the U.S. to kick the addiction to fossil fuels before we toast the planet. Building green, retrofitting buildings to reduce their climate footprint, weatherizing the homes of the poor and elderly, installing solar panels and wind mills. And making sure that the people who have been left out up until now, are part of this rebuilding of economy.

It all adds up to a great idea, being pressed by the people at 1Sky and others: Lets spend the economic stimulus money on greening the country, and lets put lots of people to work making it happen.

What better way could there be to address three of the most pressing issues of our time?

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