Friday, October 31, 2008

Good News from Colorado

I just received this great news in an email from Jenny Flanagan, executive director of Colorado Common Cause:

Late last night, an agreement was reached with the State to ensure that tens of thousands of Colorado voters who were illegally removed from the state's voter registration list will have their votes counted.

This settlement agreement with the State provides unprecedented protections to the voters of Colorado and ensures that the ballots of voters who were erroneously purged will be accurately counted.

Background on the case is here. Colorado was one of the states I was most concerned about. Prospects for a clean and fair election just got brighter.

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At 9:38 AM, Blogger herbalYODA said...

What you probably do not know is that WA state blocks thousands of voters from franchise because they are crime victims and "not qualifed" for the address confidentiality program. Staff at ACP does not understand that if a judge seals a residence address then it means it cannot be disclosed and it supercedes other rules. Gregoire as AG and gov blew it off, as has Reed. Too much DOJ $$$ to follow the laws prohibiting discrimination (no select groups of recipinets are allowed). Include the legislature, Gary Locke and Bob Terwilliger in this group as well.
This is a national problem, even brought up in Congress by a representative from CT, but failed. Larsen and Inslee, Murray and others wouldn't touch it.
I wonder what this says about clean elections ?


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