Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't Give Up! Stay and Vote

Election Protection is calling on the state of Virginia to keep voting locations open two hours late to accommodate long lines at voting locations across the country. Some are finding their names missing from the rolls—perhaps as a result of the voter suppression tactics Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy Jr. have reported.

You can read the latest from Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and elsewhere at the Election Protection blog.

The bottom line is that lines may be long, but it is important to have patience. Don't give up: stay and vote.

If you have already voted, consider going to polling stations to entertain and support voters waiting on line. Bring food. Offer to hold their place in line while they take a break. Entertain with family friendly songs or street theater. Bring umbrellas or folding chairs for the elderly and infirm. Each person in line is helping to make history.

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