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Understanding Project 2025’s Threat to Democracy

The Heritage Foundation has a plan to rewrite the rules of government under a second Trump term, and they’ve helpfully laid it all out for public viewing.

Sonali Kolhatkar
The RNC’s idea of “Making America Safe Again” is centered on policing and harsh anti-immigrant detention, not on gun violence.
Sonali Kolhatkar
Alex Press of Jacobin spoke with YES! Senior Editor Sonali Kolhatkar on YES! Presents: Rising Up With Sonali about federal heat protections for workers and Jane McAlevey
At a time of extreme heat, a new proposed OSHA rule could protect millions of American workers from heat-related stresses and even fatalities.
Sonali Kolhatkar
Jean Bricmont, author, academic, and political commentator speaks with YES! Senior Editor Sonali Kolhatkar about the recent French election
Analyst Jean Bricmont offers a deep analysis of how France’s left-leaning coalition swept a plurality of seats in the recent snap elections.
Sonali Kolhatkar

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