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March 2012 :: My Greatest Teaching Moment   

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”—Alice Walker

Dear Educators,

The role of corporations in our society may feel like a difficult topic to you and your students. It may even be something you haven’t considered. But corporations affect your profession, your students’ education, and your daily life.

I’m pleased to share resources that demystify corporate rule and offer stories of change. YES! Magazine’s current issue, 9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule features steps to put people back in charge. And, the venerable Story of Stuff Project has two new, attention-getting animated films, The Story of Broke and The Story of Citizens United v. FEC. The short films and accompanying teaching resources explore the state of our economy and the landmark Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates to corporate money in our political system.

Register today for our Spring 2012 YES! National Student Writing Competition Students will respond to the YES! article, “You Are Who You Eat With,” and the writing prompt: Does it matter who you eat with and how often you eat together? Registration deadline is April 13.

Jing FongBest,
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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine

P.S. YES! is co-sponsoring the Spring of Sustainability, March 26-June 22. The three-month series of FREE webcasts will feature more than 100 sustainability pioneers, including Jane Goodall, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva. Get all the details and sign up for free.

YES! is co-sponsoring the Spring of Sustainability, March 26-June 22. The three-month series of FREE webcasts will feature more than 100 sustainability pioneers, including Jane Goodall, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva. Get all the details and sign up for free.


Jesse Hagopian Author pic My Greatest Teaching Moment

As a teacher, you never know when your greatest teaching moment will present itself. For high school history teacher Jesse Hagopian, that moment came after he was arrested at the state capitol and his students made their own history. This is Jesse’s story.    MORE »


Story of Citizens United The Story of Stuff Project—NEW Stuff!

In 2007, Free Range Studios launched a film that got the nation thinking about all the stuff we buy and toss. Seven films and millions of viewers later, Annie Leonard and her smart crew continue to produce stories that help you and your students ask important questions, think deeper, and take steps to make change—in your own lives and your communities.

YES! recommends The Story of Stuff Project for its newest films on the economy and corporations. The Story of Broke tells the story of how our country isn’t broke, but our economy is broken. The Story of Citizens United v. FEC explains the Supreme Court case and explores the power corporations wield in our democracy. Plus there’s new curricula, including “Buy, Use, Toss,” films and podcasts, and other gotta-have classroom resources.


Money Laundry Line 8 Ways to Decorporatize Your Money (POSTER)

Debit or credit? Your hard-earned money should be exactly that—yours. Here are 8 tips to help your money work for you and your community, instead of filling corporate pockets.    MORE »

The Page That Counts graphic Page That Counts

What is the average student debt of 2011 college graduates? Who (besides you!) checks Facebook before getting out of bed in the morning? The Page That Counts is your source for fascinating statistics on American behavior.    MORE »


Meditation Education De-Stress Your Classroom

Is there too much stress in and outside of your classroom? Edutopia has bundled a variety of free resources on how to practice meditation in the classroom, plus a colorful infographic on the benefits of contemplative quiet time.    MORE »

The Corporation Banner The Corporation

The Corporation is part film, part movement. Interviews from corporate insiders and critics are used to psychoanalyze the corporation as a person. Excellent teaching resources, including a film on how a middle school teacher and his students “got” the concept of corporate power and became fired up to take back people power.    MORE »

Global Oneness Project graphic FREE Educational Film Kits from Global Oneness Project

The Global Oneness Project is generously offering free, limited edition educational film kits to YES! Education Connection readers. Film topics range from sustainability to conflict resolution to indigenous culture and more. Kits include 20 short films, discussion guides, and 60 conversation cards. Supply is limited.    MORE »


Dhaya Lakshminarayanan. Still image from Smart Like You. Smart Like You

Comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan will captivate your students’ attention as she tells the story of how she used Seinfeld characters to teach her mother—who’s returning to school—the transitive property of mathematics.    MORE »


Guy Fawkes photo by Stephen O'Byrne Who is That Masked Man?

Ask these three questions about this photo so you and your students can understand the image, its message, and why it’s interesting (or not): What do you notice, What are you wondering? And, after uncovering some facts, What’s next?    MORE »

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