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October 2012 :: It’s Your Body   Facebook Like button Twitter Follow button

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos—the trees, the clouds, everything.”—Thích Nhất Hạnh

Dear Educators,

Health is vital to our happiness and ability to do the things we love in life.

YES! Magazine’s current issue It’s Your Body features stories about the choices we have about our bodies. In this newsletter we feature teaching resources from Nourish—curriculum, short films, food system charts—that show us how to make healthy choices for our bodies and the planet. You’ll also find a story on a school-based teen health center, a video on the power of introverts, and an infographic that confirms Americans eat way too much sugar.

Happy Autumn!

Jing FongBest,
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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine

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Judy Pruim mugshot Putting Teen Health First

When you think of a teen health center, what comes to mind? Contraceptives? Sexual health counseling? It’s about so much more. Social worker Judy Pruim’s candid anecdotes illuminate how the Muskegon High Teen Health Center makes education and health care come together to support student success and well being. This is Judy’s story.    MORE »


Nourish Nourish

Want your students to be more deliberate about the food they eat? YES! recommends Nourish because it has high quality classroom-ready resources that encourage healthy communities and promote food literacy. Explore food charts that encourage systems thinking and will help your students visualize where our food comes from and why that matters. Watch short films on fair trade, obesity, heirloom seeds, and more. Challenge your students to “be” the difference with a collection of How To’s, including 6 Ways to Shop Wisely and 6 Ways to Take a Stand.    MORE »


couple dancing 9 Simple Steps to Better Health (poster)

We can stay healthy without expensive meds and extreme workout routines. How about laughter, eating carotenoids, and getting more sleep? For more tips, share this free, downloadable poster with your students.    MORE »

numbers logo The Page That Counts

Who weighs less on average—those who eat chocolate frequently or infrequently? How many years worth of video are uploaded to YouTube every day? Discover intriguing statistics with The Page That Counts.    MORE »


Sugar Consumption Infographic Sugar Consumption Infographic

This jaw-dropping infographic gives us the not-so-sweet truth about how much sugar the average American consumes, plus the biggest culprits and related health risks. Brainstorm with your students ways they can reduce their sugar intake, curb obesity, and add years to their lives.    MORE »

Vote Democracy! Independent Television Service Lesson Plans

Looking for engaging resources to frame discussions about the upcoming elections? Want to dive into deeper conversations with your students about peace and justice, but aren’t sure how to start? ITVS provides free, independent documentaries, like Half the Sky, and accompanying lesson plans that meet Common Core Standards. Plus, viewing guides, activities, and writing prompts.    MORE »


PowerofIntroverts The Power of Introverts

Who grabs your attention—the student with the enthusiastically waving hand, or the silent student in the corner? Society tends to reward extroverts. Social psychologist Susan Cain takes you into an introvert’s world, and shares why being quiet and contemplative should be celebrated.    MORE »


SprayPaint Lost Your Marbles?

Ask these three questions about this photo: What do you notice, What are you wondering? And, after uncovering some facts, What’s next?    MORE »

9 Simple Steps To Improve Your Health (without joining a gym). Get the Poster. Just $3.

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