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September 2012 :: Local Learning   Facebook Like button Twitter Follow button

“The ache of home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are.”—Maya Angelou

Dear Educators,

Doors photo by Orlin Bertsch What do you call home? YES! Magazine’s issue Making It Home features a tour of sensible homes, stories on stopping evictions, advice on whether to rent or own, and more.

We also are pleased to share Dream of a Nation’s comprehensive resources that—like YES!—showcase the good work that ordinary people are doing for people and planet. Its curricula (grade 6 – university) meet national learning standards and will empower your students to be agents of change.

Looking for a writing opportunity for your students? Register today for our Fall 2012 YES! National Student Writing Competition. Students will respond to the YES! article, “Living Large in a Tiny House,” and the writing prompt: If you had the choice, what size house would you live in? What are important features your house would have, and what would you intentionally avoid? Registration deadline is October 19.

Here’s to an awesome school year.

Jing FongBest,
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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine

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Sarah Anderson Bio Go Local! Learning In and Outside of the Classroom

Neighborhood walks, service internships, and city hall presentations are not typically part of a middle school curriculum—but should they be? Sarah Anderson’s personal philosophy of happy, healthy, and democratic communities led her to place-based education and the students of Southwest Charter School in Portland, Oregon. This is Sarah’s story.    MORE »


Dream of a Nation logo Dream of a Nation

Want to restore your students’ faith that we can solve looming environmental, economic, and societal challenges? YES! Magazine recommends curriculum developed by Dream of a Nation for its inspiring collection of stories and statistics about our country’s most prevalent concerns and their possible solutions. Alice Walker sums it up well in her assertion that Dream of a Nation offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed, and daring we can be.    MORE »


Just the Facts Graph 2 Just the Facts: We’ve Got Some Big Houses—That We Could Share

While the average number of people living in a household in the U.S. has decreased, our living space has skyrocketed! Just 60 years ago, the average American had 291 square feet of living space. Now it’s close to 1,000 square feet. Check out these bold graphs that make the case for doubling up.    MORE »

Upside Down Bat YES! But How?: How to Save Bats in Your Own Backyard

Learn how you and your students can go to bat for bats! Explore four tips to help protect these shy, endangered mammals, including how to adopt a bat and build a bat home.    MORE »


MAYA ANGELOU, Poet, Educator, Hisorian, Actress, playwrights by equadams63 on Flickr Celebrate Black Poetry Day

October 17 is Black Poetry Day—a day to celebrate the works of past and present African American poets. Explore the rich curricula (K-12) created by the Poetry Foundation—with contributions from Dr. Maya Angelou—to nurture your students’ knowledge and appreciation of poetry written by African Americans.    MORE »

Foreclosure By affordablehauling PBS Documentary Trash-Out

What do the things left behind in a vacant house say about a family? This touching 5-minute film explores the foreclosure crisis through the lens of a company cleaning out a foreclosed house. A viewing guide and handout accompany this video on the foreclosure process.    MORE »

23rd Annual Bioneers Conference graphic 23rd Annual Bioneers Conference: October 19-21

Teachers and students—join hundreds of kindred spirits who also have a passion for creating a sustainable world. Education programs focus on ecological literacy and youth leadership. The conference will feature well-known leaders such as Paul Hawken, Ai-Jen Poo, and Bill McKibben, as well as “the greatest people you’ve never heard of.” There’s still time for discounts! Get all the details here.    MORE »


One Day on Earth still One Day on Earth

Ever wonder what someone in a faraway place is doing at any given moment? Watch this trailer with your students to explore the amazing possibilities of what can happen in a single day in every country on Earth.    MORE »


Detroit Foreclosure Quilt Gauze for Concern

Ask these three questions about this photo: What do you notice, What are you wondering? And, after uncovering some facts, What’s next?    MORE »

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