Powerful ideas and practical actions from YES! Education, supporting teachers and feeding the next generation with stories, curriculum, tools and resources
Powerful ideas and practical actions from YES! Education, supporting teachers and feeding the next generation with stories, curriculum, tools and resources
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April 2013 :: Cooperatives Drive New Economy   Facebook Like button Twitter Follow button

“Don’t own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire.”
—Wendell Berry, Farming: a Hand Book

Dear Educator,

Have you ever contemplated how a small but mighty cooperative could be a better economic alternative for employees, communities, the planet, and your pocketbook?

You and your students will discover stories on the many benefits to cooperatives in YES! Magazine’s current issue How Cooperatives Are Driving the New Economy. In this newsletter, you’ll find classroom-ready materials from the global fair trade cooperative Equal Exchange. Their curricula, lessons, and infographics help students understand fair trade, and the value of cooperatives in reshaping our economy.

This newsletter also offers a poster on why co-ops rock, a story about what it’s like to teach at a free school in Brooklyn, and a TEDTalk from a spoken-word poet who speaks from the heart about being young, different, and a survivor of other people’s efforts to define him.

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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine

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Equal Exchange logoEqual Exchange

Equal Exchange is one of the largest democratic worker cooperatives in the country, selling coffee, tea, bananas, chocolates, and more, while supporting small-scale farmers from the U.S. and abroad.

YES! recommends Equal Exchange not only because its 100 worker-owners walk their talk, but also because it generously offers spot-on learning materials. From middle school lessons on fair trade to university curriculum on cooperative principles, start-up logistics, and jobs and opportunities, Equal Exchange provides you with the resources to teach your students about the vital role cooperatives hold in this new economy.



Photo by Kai Perry, 7 years oldFree to Be Me

At “free schools,” kids take ownership over their learning, deciding what they want to learn and when they want to learn it. Gia Rae Winsryg-Ulmer knew she found her place to teach when she walked through the doors of Brooklyn Free School (BFS) in 2006. See how Gia nurtures her students to become the happy, healthy, and independent-thinking people they are meant to be. This is Gia's story.


Just the Facts graphicJust the Facts

What’s so good about co-ops? This chart make a compelling case that co-ops build healthy economies and exist to serve their members—not some CEO’s pocketbook.

The Page That Counts graphicThe Page That Counts

Do your students know what “bird” holds the world record for the number of miles flown nonstop, or how many states bar atheists from holding public office? The Page That Counts does. Check it out!


Co-ops Rock Poster thumbnail10 Reasons Why Co-ops Rock

What can a co-op do for you? Plenty! This poster from Toolbox for Education & Social Change caught our eye. Give it a home in your classroom. Also available in Spanish.

The Food Project logoThe Food Project

The Food Project is proud to offer teens opportunities to grow more than food. By giving them responsible roles and meaningful work, The Food Project also nurtures the next generation’s leaders. This generous organization offers a range of curricula and activities to you for free. Talk about sustainable!


Shane Koyczan stillTo the Bullied and Beautiful

Spoken-word poet Shane Koyczan knows what it’s like to be young—and different. In his TEDTalk, illustrated by 80 animators from around the world and accompanied by a violinist, Shane speaks candidly about bullying, survival, and answering those tough questions, “Who are you?” and “What do you want to be?”


Out of Character imageOut of Character

Ask these three questions about this photo: What do you notice, What are you wondering? And, after uncovering some facts, What’s next?

How Cooperatives are Driving the New Economy. Get This Issue For Just $4. Discounts when you buy to share. $3 each for 5 or more.
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