Powerful ideas and practical actions from YES! Education, supporting teachers and feeding the next generation with stories, curriculum, tools and resources
Powerful ideas and practical actions from YES! Education, supporting teachers and feeding the next generation with stories, curriculum, tools and resources
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May 2013 :: Summer Reads   Facebook Like button Twitter Follow button

Dear Educator,

I’m guessing that as you look forward to summer, you’re not thinking of curriculum. What’s probably dancing in your head is which hike to take, what book to read, and how to can dill pickles like Aunt June.

This time, we’re not providing ideas for your classroom. Instead we are featuring stories just for your reading pleasure. I’ve chosen some YES! stories to tickle (not tax) your brain, tug at your heart, and open your eyes.

I am also excited to share the winning essays from our Winter 2013 writing competition. The winners read and responded to Akaya Windwood’s YES! article, “What Can Change When We Learn to See Each Other.” Plus, our latest issue of YES! Magazine, “Love & the Apocalypse: Why We’re All Radical Now” that’s jam-packed with stories about how change is happening now.

So, find a cozy spot on the porch, on the beach, or under a shady tree, and enjoy!

We’ll be back in August with our Greatest Hits edition. You’ll see the items from our 2012-2013 newsletters that were most read. We think they’ll spark some great ideas for the upcoming school year.

Here’s to a wonderful summer.

Jing FongBest,
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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine

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Book Cupboard photo by I Love MemphisLove Your Books? 4 Ways to Share Them With Others

From mobile libraries to tiny libraries, how to get others to read the books you love.

Silhouette Holding Sun photo by Lenneke VeerbeekWhy Sharing News About Solutions is a Revolutionary Act

Scary stories of kidnappings and explosions lead our news feeds, but it’s the good news that helps break down the myth of our own powerlessness.


Band of Sisters posterHow a Radical Group of American Nuns Shook Up the Vatican to Better the World

New documentary Band of Sisters shows why a humble group of women fell under Vatican investigation for seeing the causes—not just the symptoms—of injustice.

Eleanor Roosevelt addresses AFL-CIO.Eleanor, The Radical Roosevelt

Hollywood just can’t seem to tell the truth about Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a fierce defender of human rights. Historian Peter Dreier steps in to set the record straight.


Mark RuffaloWhy You Don’t Frack with John Lennon’s Farm

When fracking hits close to home, Mark Ruffalo, Debra Winger, Yoko Ono, and other big names find common ground with small towns.

Nohra Padilla in actionA World without Landfills? It’s Closer than You Think

Two recipients of this year’s Goldman Environmental Prize are working to abolish the practice of sending trash to landfills and incinerators. And the idea is catching on.


Akaya Windwood. Photo by Susan FreundlichDon’t Be Nice Be Kind

“Be nice!” is something many of us heard as children as a way of avoiding upsetting someone... it’s not effective in the long run as a way to come together to solve the myriad difficulties facing our communities, both local and global.

SEL classroomTeaching Emotions: A Different Approach to Ending School Violence

A growing network of programs is teaching kids how to understand and express their emotions. Among their results: decreased aggression and violence.

WINTER 2013 National Student Writing Competition  

Quill pen graphicWriting Competition winners Adam Dales, Nizhone Hickman, Reyna Flores, and Sumaiyah Mustaphalli We’re delighted to feature the four winning essays from our winter competition. Participants read and responded to the YES! article, “What Can Change When We Learn to See Each Other” answering the questions, “If you intentionally noticed someone you would normally ignore, who would you notice? How would you acknowledge that person? And, what could possibly change for you and for them?” Congratulations to our essay winners, and a big thank you to all writers who submitted an essay.

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