Powerful ideas and practical actions from YES! Education, supporting teachers and feeding the next generation with stories, curriculum, tools and resources
Powerful ideas and practical actions from YES! Education, supporting teachers and feeding the next generation with stories, curriculum, tools and resources
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February 2014 :: Food That Heals Us   Facebook Like button Twitter Follow button

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
—J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Dear Educator,

Here’s the dirt on dirt. Food grown in healthy soils can lower allergy rates.

You and your students can learn about the healing qualities of dirt, and six reasons fermented foods—like coffee, chocolate, and cheese—are good for your health. It’s all in the YES! Magazine issue, “How to Eat Like Our Lives Depend on It.”

This newsletter features a food literacy quiz, a poster on what eight healthy diets have in common (besides kale!), and in observance of Women’s History Month, a lesson that explores women’s images from around the world and why women’s stories matter.

You can now register for the February 2014 National Student Writing Contest. Get the details here. Registration closes on April 25th!


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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager

P.S. The Spring 2014 issue of YES! is out! Meet the new rebels taking back our public schools in “Education Uprising.” I’m excited to explore their stories with you in the next newsletter.


Tasia Yamamura ThumbnailMy Love Affair with Breadfruit (And Other Stories from the Wai‘anae Youth Garden)

Wai‘anae, Hawai‘i is a place of abundant natural beauty—and home to some of the highest rates of obesity and cardiovascular disease in the state. In an effort to help community members reconnect to the land and reclaim their health, FoodCorps service members like Tasia Yamamura are teaching young people how to grow and prepare real, healthy foods. This is Tasia’s story.


Nourish logoFood Literacy Quiz

Are you a bonafide foodie? Take this quiz of 15 “farm-to-table” questions to find out! You’ll learn lots of facts about food—like the gigantic amount wasted in the United States—and its relationship to the larger food system.

A Zapatista mural in the town of San Pedro Polho illustrates ideas about education. Photo by Dario Ribelo / Flickr.Why Women’s Stories Matter

Women’s stories are underrepresented in literature and film. In this NY Times Learning Network lesson plan, students examine images of women from all over the world, and reflect on their own experience—at school and at home—reading stories by and about women.


Oatmeal Photo by Timolina/Shutterstock.Poster: What Healthy Diets Have in Common

You’ve heard about the wonders of the Mediterranean diet, and the benefits of going “raw.” But what is it about these diets that makes people healthier? Use this beautiful, colorful poster to get the low-down on eight different healthy diets—and what they all have in common.

Image cropped from Beyond GMOs infographicInfographic: 13 Ways Europe Does Food Safer, Cleaner, and Kinder

How does the United States stack up against the European Union on food safety issues like GMOs, hormones, questionable chemicals, and other food additives? This revealing infographic puts the spotlight on U.S. foods that Europe won't touch.


Big QuestionsQuestions No One Knows the Answers To

There are some questions we may never know the answer to, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth asking. This video from TED-Ed digs into two of the most fascinating questions: How many universes are there? And, why can’t we see evidence of alien life?


Organic mustard seed oil, traditionally pressed using an ox attached to a wooden pressing machine at the UBINIG center in Tangail, Bangladesh. Photo by Suzanna Finley.A Slow, Press-ious Process

Ask these three questions about this photo: What do you notice? What are you wondering? And, after uncovering some facts, What’s next?

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