From an infographic on how to stop shopping to a simulation of a Syrian refugee’s journey across the Aegean Sea, this newsletter is chock-full of great resources for you and your students.
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Dear Educator,

This is our once-a-year, Greatest Hits newsletter. It’s full of the most popular resources from the 2016-2017 school year.

Your favorites included a virtual simulation of a Syrian refugee’s journey across the Aegean Sea, interviews with your fellow educators on how their students have become convincing climate justice change-makers, and a story on how horses can help lift teens from the depths of depression. Consider these resources and others as you plan this school year’s curriculum.

In a couple of weeks, you’ll get an email from us about our National Student Writing Competition. We’ll announce the article and the writing prompt for our Fall 2017 contest, and send you the writing contest calendar for the year so you can plan ahead.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jing Fong
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Jing Fong
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P.S. Need some writing prompts? We’ve got you covered. Our Student Writing Lessons bundle YES! articles and prompts with sample essays. We offer meaningful writing opportunities on a variety of topics, including simple living, restorative justice, a girl’s right to education, and what we fear about our future.

#1. Your Stories: Horses as Healers

A mental health counselor knows a magical gift horses possess that can help bring young people from the depths of darkness to a glimmer of self-confidence.

#2. Your Stories: How an Ethnic Studies Class Took to the Streets and the Internet to Support Standing Rock

When Carah Reed’s students realized that the mass media wasn’t sharing the truth about Standing Rock, they dug deeper and took action to support the water protectors.

#3. Syrian Journey

In this virtual simulation, students assume a refugee identity and face life-or-death decisions as they travel 1,500 dangerous miles toward new lives in Europe.

#4. This Artist and Composer Use the Power of Story to Help You and Your Students Truly Know “The Other Side” of Each Other

The “El Otro Lado” curriculum uses story and art to understand each other, create a sense of home and belonging, and renew the way we teach.

#5. These Educators Bring Story, Truth, and Humanity to the Climate Crisis

The masterminds behind the nation’s first comprehensive climate literacy policy share why they believe we have an obligation to transform the way young people view the climate crisis—and get them involved in fighting for climate justice.

#6. Resistance 101

Meet real-life activists from the early 1900s to present, and the strategies they’ve used to create a more just world.

#7. “How Americans Build Wealth” Infographic

This tell-it-like-it-is infographic lays out the steps by which wealth is built in America—and why most white families continue to stay steps ahead of everyone else, especially Black families.

#8. Random Acts of Kindness

Like any skill, kindness takes practice. Teach kindness and other social-emotional skills with these outstanding free resources from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

#9. “How to Stop Shopping” Infographic

Artist Sarah Lazarovik’s colorful sketches offer creative ways to pause your impulse to buy stuff, and to live more simply.

#10. Visual Learning Lesson: Keep It Light

This abstract photo will get your students thinking about solar power and unbelievable inventions.
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