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Building a Just and Sustainable World    Summer 2007
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Summer Greetings,

I hope this time of year allows you to breathe deeply and take in all that summer offers in the way of replenishment and renewal. I’ve just finished reading Barbara Kingsolver’s latest book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life and I highly recommend it!

Below you’ll find additional resources and readings on food and sustainability that I hope feed your soul and inspire creative thinking about your teaching and learning.

And take a look—and listen—to our stories from you about your efforts to connect and inspire students.

Kay Hubbard, Education Outreach Manager, YES! MagazineKay signature
Kay Hubbard
Education Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine

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Your Stories
Here are two stories about teachers tackling big issues like immigration and sustainability using creative and student-led approaches.

NWPR Girls
Immigration through the lens of Sixth Grade Girls
Listen in on a three minute Northwest Public Radio interview about what happens when a creative Seattle teacher helps her students broaden their understanding of immigration by connecting them with girls their age in rural, Hispanic, Eastern Washington.  

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Voyager Students
Voyager students say Yes! to Earth Charter
A small strawberry patch, nestled below pine trees on Bainbridge Island, Washington, embodies a story of collaboration, community, and hope for a better world. The strawberries are planted on the cozy grounds of Voyager Montessori Elementary School, just up the road from YES! Magazine. Teachers at Voyager were inspired by a YES! workshop on the Earth Charter to develop year long school curriculum that would empower their students take action for sustainability and social justice.   More >>

Please send us your stories of innovative, inspiring teaching and we’ll post them online.
Current Highlights from YES! Magazine
YES! Magazine issue 42 cover
As you know, dramatic change is happening across Latin America. The current issue of YES!, Latin America Leaps Ahead, tells the stories of how Latin Americans are replacing neoliberalism with democracy and justice. Here are two useful resources for the classroom.

Upside Down World
U.S. Influence Waning
5 Ways the role of the U.S. has been turned upside down.  Latin Americans are uniting and challenging American influence in their countries.  

Latin American Art

8 Hotspots of Progress
Building democracy in politics and workplaces, collaborating across borders and fighting poverty.
Latin Americans are turning their continent around.

YES! Teacher Tools and Resources on Food and Sustainability
Find out more about teaching on food and sustainability from these curriculum resources, YES! articles, and links to great resources. The YES! Earth Charter Curriculum Module combines lesson plans and activities with inspiring YES! stories of people and communities that are thriving by choosing to live with compassion and respect for all people and the planet.

Indian Chutney Ladies
Earth image
YES! Earth Charter Curriculum Module
Looking for a way to help your students explore the values that will lead to a more just, sustainable and peaceful world? Take a look at the YES! Earth Charter Curriculum Module for valuable lesson plans and teaching tools for your classroom teaching.

Go Local Cover

Declare Independence: Go Local
More and more young people are concerned about the corporate economy. Help them see that there are alternatives—like eating local food and supporting small businesses—that contribute to a more just and sustainable world. Discover how we can bring our economy home.

Venezuelan coop

Hog Heaven
Help your students discover what straw bedding has to do with healthy hogs and a sustainable food system. Midwestern farmers' “hoop houses” are cheaper to build and maintain than toxic factory farms, and they create dramatically less waste.

Related Resources

Facing the Future

Facing the Future: People and the Planet
A valuable source for curriculum materials and activities for K-12 classrooms on vital issues like poverty, sustainability, environment, and population. Free resources like class sets and teacherís guides are available online.

Edible School Yard

Edible School Yard
Learn how a school has transformed an asphalt parking lot and an old, unused kitchen into a thriving garden and learning center for students.

Slow Food image

Slow Food
The Slow Food movement helps people rediscover the joys of eating and understand the importance of caring where their food comes from, who makes it and how itís made. Slow Food has educational programs for everyone, and programs range from training teachers and collaborating on curricula to improving school lunches.
Poems from YES! Magazine
YES! Magazine often features exceptional poetry. Take a look at these three special poems!
(Click on title to view full version)

The Wild Geese
Wendell Berry, poet and farmer

Horseback on Sunday morning,
harvest over, we taste persimmon
and wild grape, sharp sweet
of summerís end…

YES! Magazine #40—Winter 2007

Jorge the Church Janitor Finally Quits
Award-winning poet Martin Espada

No one asks
where I am from,
I must be
from the country of janitors…

YES! Magazine #11—Fall 1999

Charles John Pace

the morning is my lamp and I say yes
the rain that dances slowly is a sister of the sun
so I shall smile and eat bright candy
on the funny prismed bow of sisterís streaming hair
I will paint the yellow leaves a different hue
and sing forever on the land that is my mother
and is yes…

YES! Magazine #16—Winter 2001

Chicago Street Musician - Photo by Ken Ilio.
Chicago street musician. 2006. Photo by Ken Ilio
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Valle de la Luna, Bolivia.  Photo by Lucy O'Doherty.
Valle de la Luna, Bolivia.
Photo by Lucy O'Doherty

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