Powerful and practical ways to bring outside learning inside your classroom, featuring curriculum resources from the Zinn Education Project. Also, census teaching resources, visual learning, and new posters.
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Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions    May 2010
I think we have to own the fears that we have of each other, and then, in some practical way, some daily way, figure out how to see people differently than the way we were brought up to.” —Alice Walker

Images from the Zinn Education Project website: www.zinnedproject.org

Dear Educators,

Race and racism are prickly words. In fact, you won’t find these words in most history textbooks. But how can we understand our country and its history without addressing these key concepts?

In this newsletter, we continue our exploration of multiracial America, this time using history and the census as our compass. We are honored to feature dynamic resources from the Zinn Education Project. Like its namesake, Howard Zinn, the project champions getting your students to “feel” history through the experiences of ordinary people. You’ll also find curricula and resources about the 2010 U.S. Census.

As you enter the homestretch of the school year, I thank you for your dedication to inspiring your students to build a just and sustainable world.

Jing Fong, Education Outreach Manager, YES! MagazineBest,
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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager,
YES! Magazine

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Your Stories

Girl finds a crab
¡Hola! The Future is Now: How Two-Way Spanish Immersion and Compassion Unite My Students
Michelle Contreras’ classroom of native Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students embodies the future. Read how Michelle uses two-way Spanish immersion, touch therapy, an outdoor human relations camp, and compassion to connect with her students and help them discover their individual gifts. This is Michelle’s story.

MORE OF YOUR STORIES: Race Has Everything To Do With It. Growing Good People. Beauty of Teenagers. Free to Be Me. Starting With Place. Chicken Soup for the Soul. The Power of Youth.

SEND US your own story to share with our growing network of YES! educators.

YES! Recommends
Teaching a People's History: the Zinn Education Project

Nidoto Nai Yoni—“Let it not happen again,”—is the inscription at the memorial site where the first group of Japanese Americans were taken from Bainbridge Island to internment camps in the California desert. When you don’t talk about race, how do you make sure racism doesn’t happen?

The Zinn Education Project is committed to helping middle and high school students learn about history, race, and themselves through its thought-provoking resources. Your students will find its lessons and activities engaging as they take an honest look at the past, and are introduced to the people who have worked together, across racial lines, for a more fair and just world.

Image from the Zinn Education Project website: www.zinnedproject.org
YES! Classroom Tools

Illustration by Robert Woodstock / iStock
5 Simple and Powerful Steps to Heal Racism
Initiate. Express. Listen. Validate. Share. These 5 steps can topple barriers and build respect among classmates and community members. Learn how to start a conversation with your classmate, neighbor, the person who fixes your car. They all have an experience to share if you’re willing to listen.

Just the Facts graphic
Just the Facts: Race-Based Economics
People of color have lower wealth, higher unemployment, and pay higher home loan rates. Just how much? These bold graphs illustrate the stark reality.

Detail from cover of Breakthrough Communities edited by M. Paloma Pavel
10 Steps to Create the Just, Diverse City You Want
Encourage your students to explore these land-use ideas that promote walkability and racial equality. Learn how to build a city or town they’ll be proud of.

100 Years of Progress: a YES! Magazine Poster
Poster: Progress Toward a Multiracial Nation
Your students will be fascinated by this timeline of political, social, and cultural milestones that reveal our country’s gradual recognition of its multiracial character.

Curriculum and Resources
Making Sense of the Census
2010 not only is the beginning of a new decade, but a new census. The every-decade survey is our country’s opportunity for an up-to-date snapshot of who we are. This bundle of resources will enlighten your students not only on census fundamentals, but also why the census determines where federal dollars flow, and why it is a hotly debated topic.

Collage of logos, graphs from U.S. Census Bureau, NY Times Learning Network and Project Race
Words That Inspire

A Mix of Books (finally) on Mixed-Race People

Multiracial persons are the fastest-growing demographic group in the country. This emerging population is throwing off traditional notions of race and slowly gaining recognition as a new racial identity.

Image from the book The Hapa Project by Kip Fulbeck
spacer Amy Hodgepodge: All Mixed Up by Kim Wayans & Kevin Knotts. http://www.amyhodgepodge.com
spacer Image courtesy of Desmond Williams, The Painted Man.
Explore the “Hapa” Experience spacer Read an excerpt from Amy Hodgepodge spacer Preview the forthcoming graphic novel “The Painted Man”
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YES! Web Picks
Jamie Oliver at TED.com VIDEO Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
Your students may think twice about gulping that 32 oz. soda after watching this video. Oliver passionately urges us to get food smart to live longer.

Photos by Danny Goldfield from his NY Childrens ProjectBig Apple Kids from 194 Countries
Danny Goldfield’s NYChildren captures images of kids from the world’s 194 countries. Catch the project's spirit—it’s more than just pictures!

Image from Bottle Bank Arcade video Bottle Bank Fun and Games
The Fun Theory is at it again! Turning bottle recycling into an arcade game produces smiles and a healthier planet.

YES! in Spanish
Visual Learning
Photo by Ruth Kaiser, founder of the Spontaneous Smiley Project
Happiness is Where You Find It
Use this photo to ask your students what they notice and are wondering. Then share the surprising facts behind the image to connect to greater understanding and discovery.

Visual Learning Lesson Plan
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