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November 2011 :: New Livelihoods issue  

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”—Maya Angelou

Dear Educator,

After a four-day Thanksgiving break, perhaps you’ve had a chance to reflect on what you are thankful for—including, hopefully, YES! Magazine education newsletters!

For November, we spotlight the sustainability education resources and systems approach of Creative Change Educational Solutions—a nonprofit that produces curriculum that is integrated, rigorous, and relevant to students’ lives and communities. We also have terrific classroom tools from our  “New Livelihoods” issue, plus multimedia resources on understanding dyslexia and the benefits of doodling.

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Jing Fong
Education Outreach Manager, YES! Magazine

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Walter Davis with his students at Rising S.T.A.R.S. Male Academy. Photo courtesy of Walter Davis. Why Race Has Everything To Do With Who and How I Teach

In urban Atlanta, Walter Davis teaches at a school for young teenage boys—all people of color. Read how Walter pours his heart, humor, and love for literature into empowering his students to believe in themselves, to be excellent students, and—ultimately—to become successful fathers, husbands, brothers, and professionals. This is Walter’s story.    MORE »


Creative Change Educational Solutions logo Creative Change Educational Solutions

Creative Change Educational Solutions is a nonprofit organization focused on sustainability education. But its curriculum isn’t just about content. It’s about transforming the way teachers teach and students learn.

YES! recommends Creative Change for its systems approach that helps schools and teachers use sustainability to strengthen initiatives on teacher quality, equity, and student learning.

Explore Creative Change’s seven programs and their lessons, including “Our Town”—green spaces and land use policies—and “Sustainable by Design”—the science and economics of green designs. Plus, visit its Curriculum & Resource Center.

Bonus: Creative Change is offering three free one-year subscriptions (worth $125 each) to its Curriculum & Resource Center. Find out how you might be selected.



Portion of Less Is More poster 5 Steps to Redefine How You Live

Is your life out of balance? Can you work fewer hours? The newest YES! poster shows you how less is more.

Jed Lazar. Photo by Susan Seubert. DIY Jobs: Soup for You!

Jed Lazar’s SoupCycle spreads hope for a more sustainable world and a thriving local economy every time he delivers freshly made soup by bike to his “soupscribers.” Read about Jed and other entrepreneurs who said no to corporate jobs.    MORE »


Great Minds Think Differently image from DVD cover Journey Into Dyslexia

You’ve probably taught a student with dyslexia—and were perplexed on how to help. This film portrays the emotional journeys and school experiences of students with dyslexia, and shows successful adults who see their dyslexia as a unique gift.    MORE »

credit crisis graphic by Lilli Day, istock. Teaching Economics as if People Mattered

How do you help your students make sense of this economic upheaval—and look to recovery in the future? Explore United for a Fair Economy’s “Teaching Economics” animated lesson plans to stimulate frank, this-is-for-real discussions.    MORE »


Teachers cartoon image from the video at 1:43 Doodlers, Unite!

Your student who doodles during your lecture may seem distracted—and distracting. But visual specialist Sunni Brown will convince you that doodling boosts comprehension and creativity. So, step away from the doodler!    WATCH »


Photos courtesy of We Are the 1%: We Stand With the 99%. What’s Your Sign?

Some members of the 1% have shared messages of solidarity with the 99%. What goes into a sign that makes a lasting impression? Certain words or phrases? Personal stories? Typeface? Color? View signs from the 1%, and explore an activity to help your students understand—and create their own—powerful signs.    MORE »


Chicken Truck. Sunaura Taylor. Oil, 126 in. x 96 in. 2008. We Are the 99%

Ask these three questions about this photo so you and your students can understand the image, its message, and why it’s interesting (or not): What do you notice, What are you wondering? And, after uncovering some facts, What’s next?    MORE »

This Changes Everything  

Cover of This Changes Everything book Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement

Hot off the press, This Changes Everything, is a great resource for teaching your students about the Occupy Wall Street movement and its influence. The book, from the editors of YES! Magazine, convenes many voices—inside and outside the protests—with essays that shed light on the issues, the personalities, and the solutions of this historic movement.

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